When Teachers Don’t have Manners

13755658This article is not an attack nor it attempts to attack the credibility and integrity of a teacher. This article will just try to present a wider perspective why teachers should have manners. It doesn’t have the intention to put down any teacher or the teaching profession itself. Any thing written here are just based on my own analyses and experiences being a teacher. This is just a sharing my knowledge and my experience.  All thoughts and ideas in this article can be considered as just my opinion.

When teachers don’t have manners.

A teacher, first and foremost and basically, is some one who teaches. In a traditional classroom setting, the teacher is considered as the source of knowledge where He alone knows the matter of his lesson. So, every thing will be coming from the teacher. The teacher discusses the lesson and the students listen. The teacher is perceived as all-knowing.  Somehow that kind of scenario is still widely practice today. It believes that in listening you can gain knowledge and it is true. The knowledge of the teacher that has been imparted to the students. Then at the end of the school year, the students are the duplicate copy of the teacher.. A teacher indeed plays a big part in the student’s brain development . Better thank a teacher when you see one, for sharing their precious knowledge they have gained when they are still students like you.

Today, teachers face a big challenge. Perhaps and I hope all teachers out there are aware of this reality. The 21st learners are of really has a lot of differences from the learners way back to our time. The time where calendars are still pocketed. The time when library is the most useful room in the world. And sad to say, Libraries today are only regarded as an archives for books. Today’s generation is considered as 4G learners. Everything they want will be granted for just a click. In the hands of tablets and gadgets, every information needed is just under the power of one click. Internet today is considered to be the international library with Google and yahoo as the search engine.  Learners today can easily access whatever information they want. Tell me, do they still need teachers when all they need to know is just in front of them when they face their computers, I-pads, tablets, and Smartphones? If you cannot see the point of being a teacher of today then they don’t need you. You can be some one who  is useless in their sight when you don’t know the reason why you are a teacher. something to ponder I think.

If you cannot see the point of being a teacher of today then they don’t need you. You can be some one who  is useless in their sight when you don’t know why you are a teacher…

In this world where information is free to all, I think it’s no fitting anymore to have that kind of all-knowing teacher in the classroom. What kind of teacher do we need then? It is an All-caring teacher. Why is say all-caring? Let me explain my point.

Learners today mostly come from a broken and dysfunctional family.  Way back to the previous generations, family is considered to be a sacred institution because it is God who establishes a family wherein every child is a learner taking their father and mother as their first teacher. The family is the home of the first knowledge and virtues that every child must experience and must know. It is where Charity/Love begins.  But let us examine the families of today’s generation. If it’s not broken, it is dysfunctional. and if it’s not both it is an orphanage. Only few parents now a days can understand the whole meaning of being a family and a home. That’s the reality that is happening to the most important unit of the society. How can we let that most important unit be destroyed.

A Child who belongs to this kind of family needs a second home. I am referring not to an orphanage but to the school. The school as a taken for granted institution of the society. I say taken for granted because only few people regards the school as a second home, as one of the safest place for a learner.School nowadays plays a big role where they need to assume the role of a father and a mother. A role of being the first home and not a second home. But we can never deny the fact that a school can never assume that role because it can never surpass the innate responsibility of the parents. The parental roles. Although a school is just considered a second home, it is still a home. And the teachers are the second parents. I want to say it again, Teachers are the second parents.

“I want to say it again, Teachers are the second parents.”

“If parents aren’t able to do their role as a parent, then why should I? It should be the parents who are instilling the good values to the Children because charity begins at home”. Somewhat this statement contains something that is true. Yes, it’s true, not from this Generation but from the “previouses” Gents. School is the only hope for a child to learn and acquire those values that they have never gotten from their parents. School is their only last hope in order for them to know the ways of survival.  And those Hopes lie to the Teacher who is responsible of shaping their lives. They need to know the ways of man through their teachers. Their model of living a life of dignity will be their teacher. Students need to meet God in the school.

They need to know the ways of man through their teachers.

As what I have mentioned before, Learners today don’t care much information. What they need from school is a supporting system that they have never gotten from their parents. I am not telling that lessons are not important. what I want to point out is that as teacher you must know the reason why you teach you students. How do you look at them is a very important point to ponder before you to start to shape a mind.

Teachers do not only share their knowledge but unknowingly they also imbibe their values to their students.”

Information is everywhere but values can only be seen to a man who possesses it. What makes a man cultured and civilized do not depend on his knowledge but his values and virtues. Teachers must guard their values because these values  are the ones the students may acquire from you. And I believe it is the one that they need.  Values are caught not much of taught although it can be. Teachers influences students. And it’s true. Learners may learn every detail of our lesson but they may also caught the values we possess. If we are that kind of teacher who doesn’t care, probably we may produce a student who do not possess the value of caring. If a teacher is someone who does swearing, probably students will follow your leads. A restless teacher handles a chaotic class. What they see in their teachers are the ones that will be lasted in their minds.

Teacher’s manner is very important. We need to take note in  our minds that we are shaping lives. When students enter the school do not expect them to know everything. Remember where they came from. They are coming for you for help. And they are hoping you can hep them in your own way as a teacher. They may not literally say but you can read it in their actions and words. Read them between the lines.  Teachers should not be an additional burden to the lives of the students. You are there to make their loads lighten not to add to their burden. Don’t make school an additional problem in their lives. Deal with them well by minding your manners. For them, School should be the safest place. Teachers’  manners should be the most loving actions in the school. Don’t take it for granted. Teacher’s manners count. They learn from your ways and actions not much from what you know. By simply controlling your temper when you are angry they learn to be patient. By simply giving a right response they learn respect. By simply answering them well they learn good conversation. We should be aware that they learn much from our actions. The values they need to know are being taught to them by the way we deal with them. Teacher’s manners shape the child in an invisible way. The eyes may not see it. the ears may not hear it. the skin may not touch it. But the heart remembers it. Students are being shaped by who surrounds them. In School, they are surrounded with teachers. A teacher’s bad manner may even break the child’s inner self and character and That is the worst thing that can happen not even counting the damage that it may done to others especially in the work place. Bad manners pollute the school environment. Prevent it before it;s too late. Teacher’s manners is regarded as a powerful tool in instilling values to a learner. Teacher’s manner teaches more than you ever know.

Sad to know and to say that there are teachers who are not ready for this profession. They view teaching as imparting knowledge only they do not see the value of the learner especially their needs. Teachers’ manners is a must. We don’t want these children to be just another criminals of justice in the future just because they once have a teacher who had a bad manner.

How to “control” others

imagesThere are no other ways to control others unless force is use but using coercion is not a humane way to control people. It is against the law of nature to force a person to do something against his will. It should never be done. But how are we going to control a person by not forcing him to do something against his will? Sounds impossible but it can be possible. Let’s improve our skill for human relationship for a while but reviewing some of the basic human manners so that we can win others to take our side.

1. Listen more, talk less or best talk only when needed.

2. Let him feel that he/she is important. Give him that feeling. Everybody likes it.

3. Ask question about him/herself. In that way you can be in control of the conversation. Never give bad comments.

4. Empathize. Learn to put your feet on his shoes. It is the only way you may understand his point of view. It is important to know what he’s trying to say.

5. Never say “You’re wrong.” Learn to state negative idea using positive words. Instead of “That’s a big mistakes”, say “We can improve that part..”

6. Find agreements with the person. Focus on the things that you can agree with.

Remember: if you are doing these things, don’t let him notice it.

When “shits” happen

shit-happensNothing is more annoying than to start a day with shits. Why do shits happen the least you expect it? and it happens to the very day you wanted life to be perfect for you. Such situations are disgusting. The thing there is, it invaded already your system and it’s already too late for you to defend yourself from “disgustness” and the unexpected happens. The shitsness of life appears. and you need to have a formulated actions in order for you overcome it. but problem is, there are no enough formulated actions to used when shits happen. I have formulated some of it based on my reflected experiences.

1. Relax. Relax. Relax.We are not meant to control everything. Our will power is limited only to our own body. You alone only can control yourself and you have to, in order for you to save your face form future destruction. Breathe deeply. Tell yourself that whatever is beyond your control you are not responsible for it anymore. If you can not handle the situation, let the situation handle itself. Have a dignified exit when you know it’s beyond your power and control. Don’t break yourself. Relax. Do it for your own health.

2.Don’t rationalize.

Over thinking of what had happened will bring you mental disturbances or worst mental destruction. Don’t over think neither rationalize why things happen. To understand the situation is different from rationalizing it. Rationalizing, sometimes, involve judging, condemning, criticizing, justifying, correcting and most of the times it leads to killing and dying. I’m not joking. It’s true. Too much pressure kills the immune of the body and it starts in the mind.

Don’t over think. Leave the thinking and further studies to the experts. Accept things and let it be. Don’t go beyond the boundary. Let your own thoughts be your own. Do it again for your own sake.

3. Use the “Fire exit.”

In case of emergency. Yes, look for the fire exits of life. There are lots of it. Actually, It’s everywhere. You just have to look around. Using the fire exits of life is different from excusing yourself from responsibilities. Remember also that we are responsible for our own willed actions. I say “willed actions.” Those actions that are really ours. Those actions that we have done with our knowledge, consent, and will. If you think, things are happening against “willed actions” it’s time for you to use the fire exit. And reminder, have a Dignified one. Get out of the house when it is in fire. or better, be careful “Don’t play with fire.”

4. Pray.

It is always best to ask assistance form someone who knows best. Talk to your creator and provider. Ask help and for sure rescue will come at the right time.

The Psychology of Right Response

iStock_000004520845XSmallSometimes, we find ourselves reacting rather than responding. If we do not know how to control our reactions then we are heading to act the way the stimulus of the situation wants us to behave. We find ourselves doing the perfect reaction to a certain action which maybe a positive or negative one. We often are not aware that our negative behavior is caused by a stimulus and we are conditioned to react to the very nature of the initial action. We react negatively when we feel that the situation imbibe negative feelings and likewise we react positively when we are conditioned by a positive stimulus. and during those times that our minds are clouded and confused it is always better to reflect what are those negativism that make us restless.

We are always conditioned by what conditions us. Looking around your surroundings will make you aware why you and other people behave and act that way. We are shaped by what surrounds us so we need to choose carefully what do we want to surround us. The power always lie on us once we recognize that our environment may contribute to the very behavior that we are possessing now. To change them is not that easy it entails consistency and endurance. Pushing yourself always to act towards what is essential.

When we are in stressful environment our body system reacts to its defensive mode. It is the very nature our miraculous body to protect its system from any harmful aliens that may try to invade our body. Unknowingly, when we are under the state of stressfulness our body system tends to be weak because we allow thoughts that give us stress to invade our minds. We need to guard our thoughts for it is the most accessible avenue to invade our system.

To be defensive is innate to any animals and it’s very natural. We humans being part and the highest one in the animal kingdom are also using this defensive system of our body. We sometimes aware of it and most of the time it is manifested on how we react to situations. We defend our idea. we defend our actions. we defend what favors us. and it is very natural. but the things is this defense system is automatic to animals but not to human. Controlling such system is always under the will of man. If we are aware enough, we may not use it for a better purpose.

We put people to defensive mode when we hurt them. and that’s the beginning of argument. but people wise enough to control their defense mechanism control also their actions and behavior as well as the situation that conditioned them to act such way. We humans are suppose to be the one controlling what conditions us not the other way around. It is the very nature of the animals in the lowest kingdom to act and behave to what conditions them. They react because they do not do how to respond. Unless training intervenes. Humans must always respond. we have our will which we can use to control our actions that can make noble and higher to any being. We control

The Beauty of Changing

Change-My-LifeThe only constant in this world is Change. Change happens in a blink of an eye. It happens in a second.  We are all subjected to change. Even the hardest rock is subjected to change by waves. It being formed every now and then. Changing its form is necessary for any reason that I don’t know. Change is inevitable to nature. It is its life itself. Nature must experience change, must undergo change because that’s the only way it may be able to present itself at its best.

The World, as science said, has been existing for 2 billion years already. Just Imagine what the world had experienced within that period. A lot of Changes happened. The world until now has never stopped from changing itself. The cycle of changing continues because that’s the only way to live and survive. Everything and everyone will and must experience change. The only constant that every created thing and being must experience. Nobody is spared. You can never be left and you should not.

To deal with change has never been easy. Dinosaurs had to die for any reasons that I don’t know and evolution takes place which again a complete manifestation of Change in nature. Maybe it’s for better that these giant reptiles were eliminated. Imagine if they were still alive today probably we, humans, could be their favorite stuff to eat. Change could demand something from us that we could never imagine. Things that are hard to do and it’s never easy to embrace something new if we are already accustomed to our old ways. And to embrace change could mean letting go and moving towards the path of new road. a path could be totally new to us.

In change, we experience fear. Fear of the unknown. Sometimes, we do not know what lies ahead of us, all we do know is that a change is taking place. A change that leads to somewhere. Fear is our systems’ defense mechanism when we do not know where heading and going to. Fear is the culprit that cripples us to see the beauty that lies ahead, the beauty of changing. If we let fear overtakes us, we may not be able to see what change can bring us. If fear interfere, we may not be able to see that we are being transformed and “metamorphosized” from being a caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly.. Fear will always be there but we shouldn’t let it block our minds from thinking and seeing the positive side of Changing. When change is happening, courage is a virtue. Despite fear, you face the reality.

Change is also accompanied by pain. Something new will take over and what is old must be left behind or sometimes, must be lost. Change may push us to leave our comfort zone and may challenge us to cross the borders of our limits. Leaving our borders may mean loosing our security and happiness but life such like that is stagnant. A life that is lifeless itself. In change, letting go may give us heartaches and pains but by deeper understanding its purpose, change is shaping us to be the best person who is fitting to take the goodness of the reality that the future may bring. Like a rock being sculpted in its finest shape waiting to be presented to a large crowd of people, a beauty that awaits its time to be revealed. Change itself is very rewarding.

To deal with change is to deal with the reality of life. Life changes every now and then. What you do changes every now and then. Your action changes from time to time so as your decisions in life. There are no fixed things in this world. Even the dead undergoes change. It goes back to the one believed it came from.It’s Creator. The one who is responsible of creating everything.. Failure to recognize and accept change could mean failure to cope with life’s situations. This is life is all about. We make difference through Chance. And that difference is within our power if we make that change worthwhile and meaningful. if we make every Change directed to what is beautiful.

God never intended his Creation to be a fixated  thing/being. God is the author of change. He allows it because he knows that there is a greater reward if change continues to happen. What ever that reward that we do not know we surely believe that it is great because God willed it to happen.

The Beauty about Changing is that when we replace fear with trust and love of God believing that in every Change that happens into our lives God is journeying with us. allow change to happen. Always remember that God is the author of Change. There must be a divine plan in the changes that you are experiencing. Trust him. It is for sure for better.


love-quotes_00245302“We cannot give something that we have not received first.”

“Faith is a gift as well as a task.”

“To give you my trust is my want. To break it is your choice.”

“Is is neither too much or too little, it is just right and wrong.”

“You left me because of one reason and that is you have never loved me since the day we met.””It’s not how long I wait, It’s How know why I wait.”

“When love is wrong, it’s time for you to make it right.”

“We never forget. we just moved on.”

“The truth is that pain will always be there. It’s part of the memory. Learn to love it.”

Old Memories(The Beauty of writing a Letter)

3002607644_7afb717547_oI often remember how I used to be when I am still at my stage of youthfulness. And there is a little bit pinch of sadness in my heart while my memory scanned the pieces of events that happened in the past that remained old and forgotten. Those treasured memories that were once so precious in their own time are now just a memory that was stock in my head waiting to remembered. Memories are memories. They are very precious to be forgotten and a treasure that should be remembered.

In an advanced technology where communication and information are very fast and easy to access,it seems that our age today forgets the beauty of writing through letter. It seems awkward to see people using the traditional way to express their feelings. But a letter is not just a letter, it contains the very person giving the letter. It contains the personal touch the sender wants to convey. The touch of being connected to the receiver.

Letter writing is being taken for granted. I believe you can never compare the value of a letter received than a message given via electronics. There is something in letters that never contained in an electronic message(text, e-mail, internet). The letter preserves the memory of the communication not just only the  message but also the very emotion when the sender wrote  the letter and the very emotion when the receiver read the letter. It never diminishes its value. The beauty about it is that you can always go back and read the letter again the way you have read it before. and it’s nice to look back on things that once made you feel happy especially when those things were contained in a letter that was given by a special someone. Letter preserves memories. They can be a treasure that will remind of the past and bring back again the reality of yesterday. Even letters contained sad memories let them be. They are a reminders of a fruitful memories. Memories of yours.

I shall never forget the times when writing letters was one of my hobbies for a reason that it was always for the person I love. Then it came to the point that I lost my passion. leaving everything behind and only that’s left are letters.

Sept. 3, 10:44PM

large_tweak_comic_irritatingI often get irritated when people ask me questions just to satisfy their ego-doubt-feeling. I don’t know why I feel that way but I’m pretty much sure that I hate feeling it. Why people need to seek approval before before they can trust themselves or say to themselves that they are right? I don’t know. Maybe, it’s just a human natural instinct or reaction or response to be felt to be connected to others. sometimes, we need to to feel that we are not alone with our opinions. and seeking approval from others may also increase our confidence in our own words.

I do that sometimes. I seek the approval of others to prove that I’m right. well, what an ego I have. I know it is not healthy because I doubt my own capability and ability and I don’t believe to what I know and to what I can do. It makes me lonely to say that I have a fragile confidence and I don’t want it that way. Maybe, It’s really of the things that I really need to eliminate. I need to learn to trust myself, to trust my words, and to stand on my ground which often shaken by light earthquake of life.

People get to seem to have a lot of emotional needs.


imagesI find it hard to appreciate teachers who are unprofessional. I don’t know but it got me irritated. i just what them to be out of my sight. I want to show them their stupidity. How those brains malfunctioned to its lowest capacity and ability.  I won’t mention their names because I know it’s not the way of the professionals neither blogging their stupidity in this site but I’ll do it anyway. Some teachers are really arrogant, Ignorant, empty-headed, Lychees, askals(uncultured dogs in the streets of Phil.), uncultured animal to its lowest standard, stupid among all stupids. They are like cans, empty and noisy.