A letter for myself

blue_broken_heartWake up!!!! Don’t mess up yourself with those worthless and dumb self-pity feeling of yours. There are so many things to thank for. Don’t ruin your life by just thinking you aren’t happy, that you are longing for something or for someone. Yes, there are maybe lacking in your life but those will come and be revealed  at their proper time. Don’t waste life and energy at your self-pity. Life is too short to be little. You have all the basics for survival. You are Lucky comparing to the other million people who are living in this planet. Dwelling on your worthless emotions would give you nothing. why not spend your time reading on thoughts that can help you, thoughts that can vivify and revitalized your mind. All that you need are already in your head. You have known all of them before. Don’t let these emotions blocked what supposed your mind is controlling. Think. Reflect. Be a positive thinker.

Go back. Go back. You have done all these before. You were the most cheerful by a years ago. You handled yourself the way it should be. you admit what is wrong. you easily let go. You cry because you need to but don’t frustrate too much blaming it all on you.  You love because you feel it. You smile even though you had no reasons to. Everybody sees your joyful face and gladness gestures. You can bring them back. There’s no difference between those days as of today. Dates have changed but you should have not changed the happy person in you. Sadness. Throw them away. Give them your smile. There are so many ways to live a happy life. count them.

You have gone so far. So far. You don’t need to please them all. you don’t have to. Somebody will love you just the way you are. Believe me because somebody had done it before. Act naturally. Be happy. Be positive. Gos has always a better plan for everything. Learn to trust and have faith. God controls eternity.

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