imagesI find it hard to appreciate teachers who are unprofessional. I don’t know but it got me irritated. i just what them to be out of my sight. I want to show them their stupidity. How those brains malfunctioned to its lowest capacity and ability.  I won’t mention their names because I know it’s not the way of the professionals neither blogging their stupidity in this site but I’ll do it anyway. Some teachers are really arrogant, Ignorant, empty-headed, Lychees, askals(uncultured dogs in the streets of Phil.), uncultured animal to its lowest standard, stupid among all stupids. They are like cans, empty and noisy.


  1. musicahliza says:

    HIndi masyadong irritated ah…mga medyo lang hahaha

    1. tweni2 says:

      ahahaha… Not much. konti lang

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