“Satisfactory” (Aug. 23, 2012)

This date reminds me of the rating I had received coming from my performance last year. It read “Satisfactorily”. Human Instinct, I have reacted violently, not physically but emotionally. I can not accept the rating given to me. I demanded for an explanation. How did they arrive such rating? What were there bases of having and arriving such Satisfactorily rating, where in fact, thinking back my previous year, if I’m going to assess my self, i have done all my efforts just to make things good and well. It came into my mind that the assessment done was unfair. I can not accept the explanation because, for me, it did not really give the whole idea why I have gotten such rate. I know there are many factors to consider, but those factors stated as the reason why I have had that rating isn’t really the big factors that affected my rate.

Anyway, these were just my initial reactions.. I have prayed over it already and these what pops up on my mind…

I know within my self that i have done all my work during the year. the faculty really saw how i work hard. They were the perfect witness of my devotion to make things right.I Know that the rating doesn’t really boxed and defined how i performed my work, how did I do things during that year. That rating doesn’t really measure what I have done, what efforts i gave, what happiness and joys I have gained, and what lessons I have learned. That rating is just a word that proved nothing. That rating was the standard of human eye. That rating is not seen in action instead it is more than in action.

That rating do not really measure my work and my worth. That rating can not make me less than a teacher. I am a teacher beyond any rate. And I know no rate can ever describe my dedication i give to my work. The rate doesn’t define me it only shows that they fail to see me. Well, that is not my problem anymore. I am beyond what they can see. This rating will not bring me down. Those who humbled themselves will be given the greatest price in it’s own time.

Lord, help me to think wide and deep. Put love in my heart.

NO heartache feelings. I will continue teaching. There lies my heart and my treasure.

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