Sept. 3, 10:44PM

large_tweak_comic_irritatingI often get irritated when people ask me questions just to satisfy their ego-doubt-feeling. I don’t know why I feel that way but I’m pretty much sure that I hate feeling it. Why people need to seek approval before before they can trust themselves or say to themselves that they are right? I don’t know. Maybe, it’s just a human natural instinct or reaction or response to be felt to be connected to others. sometimes, we need to to feel that we are not alone with our opinions. and seeking approval from others may also increase our confidence in our own words.

I do that sometimes. I seek the approval of others to prove that I’m right. well, what an ego I have. I know it is not healthy because I doubt my own capability and ability and I don’t believe to what I know and to what I can do. It makes me lonely to say that I have a fragile confidence and I don’t want it that way. Maybe, It’s really of the things that I really need to eliminate. I need to learn to trust myself, to trust my words, and to stand on my ground which often shaken by light earthquake of life.

People get to seem to have a lot of emotional needs.

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