The Merging(NSNU)

64134_544507015594782_1976495816_n“When two corporations merged together forming one name and identity, one of them is called a surviving entity which carries the dominant identity during the merging. The surviving entity carries all the responsibility in the corporation.”

That statement described what happened to Nazareth School and National University, two schools carrying different identity as a corporation merged together forming another name as one, The Nazareth School of National University. The Nazareth School, Hijas de Jesus, Manila, A catholic school run and owned by the Hijas de Jesus Sisters was merged to the National University, a private University School owned by a Mr. Henry Sy, the popular owner of the SM Malls and other companies. The merging was done through the a mutual agreement of both parties. The Nazareth School being a Catholic School was said to retain its identity as a non-stock, non-profitable Institution thus making it, during the merging, as the surviving identity and responsible for any action in the corporation. The National University closed its BED department making Nazareth School the BED of the University. Combining the advanced technology o f the National University to that of the time-tested Catholic system of Nazareth School produces a quality of Education that Sampaloc,Manila can offer. Nazareth School of National University carries the Ignatian spirituality as lived by Saint Candida Maria de Jesus, the foundress of the Hijas de Jesus congregation.

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