love-quotes_00245302“We cannot give something that we have not received first.”

“Faith is a gift as well as a task.”

“To give you my trust is my want. To break it is your choice.”

“Is is neither too much or too little, it is just right and wrong.”

“You left me because of one reason and that is you have never loved me since the day we met.””It’s not how long I wait, It’s How know why I wait.”

“When love is wrong, it’s time for you to make it right.”

“We never forget. we just moved on.”

“The truth is that pain will always be there. It’s part of the memory. Learn to love it.”

Old Memories(The Beauty of writing a Letter)

3002607644_7afb717547_oI often remember how I used to be when I am still at my stage of youthfulness. And there is a little bit pinch of sadness in my heart while my memory scanned the pieces of events that happened in the past that remained old and forgotten. Those treasured memories that were once so precious in their own time are now just a memory that was stock in my head waiting to remembered. Memories are memories. They are very precious to be forgotten and a treasure that should be remembered.

In an advanced technology where communication and information are very fast and easy to access,it seems that our age today forgets the beauty of writing through letter. It seems awkward to see people using the traditional way to express their feelings. But a letter is not just a letter, it contains the very person giving the letter. It contains the personal touch the sender wants to convey. The touch of being connected to the receiver.

Letter writing is being taken for granted. I believe you can never compare the value of a letter received than a message given via electronics. There is something in letters that never contained in an electronic message(text, e-mail, internet). The letter preserves the memory of the communication not just only the¬† message but also the very emotion when the sender wrote¬† the letter and the very emotion when the receiver read the letter. It never diminishes its value. The beauty about it is that you can always go back and read the letter again the way you have read it before. and it’s nice to look back on things that once made you feel happy especially when those things were contained in a letter that was given by a special someone. Letter preserves memories. They can be a treasure that will remind of the past and bring back again the reality of yesterday. Even letters contained sad memories let them be. They are a reminders of a fruitful memories. Memories of yours.

I shall never forget the times when writing letters was one of my hobbies for a reason that it was always for the person I love. Then it came to the point that I lost my passion. leaving everything behind and only that’s left are letters.