How to “control” others

imagesThere are no other ways to control others unless force is use but using coercion is not a humane way to control people. It is against the law of nature to force a person to do something against his will. It should never be done. But how are we going to control a person by not forcing him to do something against his will? Sounds impossible but it can be possible. Let’s improve our skill for human relationship for a while but reviewing some of the basic human manners so that we can win others to take our side.

1. Listen more, talk less or best talk only when needed.

2. Let him feel that he/she is important. Give him that feeling. Everybody likes it.

3. Ask question about him/herself. In that way you can be in control of the conversation. Never give bad comments.

4. Empathize. Learn to put your feet on his shoes. It is the only way you may understand his point of view. It is important to know what he’s trying to say.

5. Never say “You’re wrong.” Learn to state negative idea using positive words. Instead of “That’s a big mistakes”, say “We can improve that part..”

6. Find agreements with the person. Focus on the things that you can agree with.

Remember: if you are doing these things, don’t let him notice it.

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