When Teachers Don’t have Manners

13755658This article is not an attack nor it attempts to attack the credibility and integrity of a teacher. This article will just try to present a wider perspective why teachers should have manners. It doesn’t have the intention to put down any teacher or the teaching profession itself. Any thing written here are just based on my own analyses and experiences being a teacher. This is just a sharing my knowledge and my experience.  All thoughts and ideas in this article can be considered as just my opinion.

When teachers don’t have manners.

A teacher, first and foremost and basically, is some one who teaches. In a traditional classroom setting, the teacher is considered as the source of knowledge where He alone knows the matter of his lesson. So, every thing will be coming from the teacher. The teacher discusses the lesson and the students listen. The teacher is perceived as all-knowing.  Somehow that kind of scenario is still widely practice today. It believes that in listening you can gain knowledge and it is true. The knowledge of the teacher that has been imparted to the students. Then at the end of the school year, the students are the duplicate copy of the teacher.. A teacher indeed plays a big part in the student’s brain development . Better thank a teacher when you see one, for sharing their precious knowledge they have gained when they are still students like you.

Today, teachers face a big challenge. Perhaps and I hope all teachers out there are aware of this reality. The 21st learners are of really has a lot of differences from the learners way back to our time. The time where calendars are still pocketed. The time when library is the most useful room in the world. And sad to say, Libraries today are only regarded as an archives for books. Today’s generation is considered as 4G learners. Everything they want will be granted for just a click. In the hands of tablets and gadgets, every information needed is just under the power of one click. Internet today is considered to be the international library with Google and yahoo as the search engine.  Learners today can easily access whatever information they want. Tell me, do they still need teachers when all they need to know is just in front of them when they face their computers, I-pads, tablets, and Smartphones? If you cannot see the point of being a teacher of today then they don’t need you. You can be some one who  is useless in their sight when you don’t know the reason why you are a teacher. something to ponder I think.

If you cannot see the point of being a teacher of today then they don’t need you. You can be some one who  is useless in their sight when you don’t know why you are a teacher…

In this world where information is free to all, I think it’s no fitting anymore to have that kind of all-knowing teacher in the classroom. What kind of teacher do we need then? It is an All-caring teacher. Why is say all-caring? Let me explain my point.

Learners today mostly come from a broken and dysfunctional family.  Way back to the previous generations, family is considered to be a sacred institution because it is God who establishes a family wherein every child is a learner taking their father and mother as their first teacher. The family is the home of the first knowledge and virtues that every child must experience and must know. It is where Charity/Love begins.  But let us examine the families of today’s generation. If it’s not broken, it is dysfunctional. and if it’s not both it is an orphanage. Only few parents now a days can understand the whole meaning of being a family and a home. That’s the reality that is happening to the most important unit of the society. How can we let that most important unit be destroyed.

A Child who belongs to this kind of family needs a second home. I am referring not to an orphanage but to the school. The school as a taken for granted institution of the society. I say taken for granted because only few people regards the school as a second home, as one of the safest place for a learner.School nowadays plays a big role where they need to assume the role of a father and a mother. A role of being the first home and not a second home. But we can never deny the fact that a school can never assume that role because it can never surpass the innate responsibility of the parents. The parental roles. Although a school is just considered a second home, it is still a home. And the teachers are the second parents. I want to say it again, Teachers are the second parents.

“I want to say it again, Teachers are the second parents.”

“If parents aren’t able to do their role as a parent, then why should I? It should be the parents who are instilling the good values to the Children because charity begins at home”. Somewhat this statement contains something that is true. Yes, it’s true, not from this Generation but from the “previouses” Gents. School is the only hope for a child to learn and acquire those values that they have never gotten from their parents. School is their only last hope in order for them to know the ways of survival.  And those Hopes lie to the Teacher who is responsible of shaping their lives. They need to know the ways of man through their teachers. Their model of living a life of dignity will be their teacher. Students need to meet God in the school.

They need to know the ways of man through their teachers.

As what I have mentioned before, Learners today don’t care much information. What they need from school is a supporting system that they have never gotten from their parents. I am not telling that lessons are not important. what I want to point out is that as teacher you must know the reason why you teach you students. How do you look at them is a very important point to ponder before you to start to shape a mind.

Teachers do not only share their knowledge but unknowingly they also imbibe their values to their students.”

Information is everywhere but values can only be seen to a man who possesses it. What makes a man cultured and civilized do not depend on his knowledge but his values and virtues. Teachers must guard their values because these values  are the ones the students may acquire from you. And I believe it is the one that they need.  Values are caught not much of taught although it can be. Teachers influences students. And it’s true. Learners may learn every detail of our lesson but they may also caught the values we possess. If we are that kind of teacher who doesn’t care, probably we may produce a student who do not possess the value of caring. If a teacher is someone who does swearing, probably students will follow your leads. A restless teacher handles a chaotic class. What they see in their teachers are the ones that will be lasted in their minds.

Teacher’s manner is very important. We need to take note in  our minds that we are shaping lives. When students enter the school do not expect them to know everything. Remember where they came from. They are coming for you for help. And they are hoping you can hep them in your own way as a teacher. They may not literally say but you can read it in their actions and words. Read them between the lines.  Teachers should not be an additional burden to the lives of the students. You are there to make their loads lighten not to add to their burden. Don’t make school an additional problem in their lives. Deal with them well by minding your manners. For them, School should be the safest place. Teachers’  manners should be the most loving actions in the school. Don’t take it for granted. Teacher’s manners count. They learn from your ways and actions not much from what you know. By simply controlling your temper when you are angry they learn to be patient. By simply giving a right response they learn respect. By simply answering them well they learn good conversation. We should be aware that they learn much from our actions. The values they need to know are being taught to them by the way we deal with them. Teacher’s manners shape the child in an invisible way. The eyes may not see it. the ears may not hear it. the skin may not touch it. But the heart remembers it. Students are being shaped by who surrounds them. In School, they are surrounded with teachers. A teacher’s bad manner may even break the child’s inner self and character and That is the worst thing that can happen not even counting the damage that it may done to others especially in the work place. Bad manners pollute the school environment. Prevent it before it;s too late. Teacher’s manners is regarded as a powerful tool in instilling values to a learner. Teacher’s manner teaches more than you ever know.

Sad to know and to say that there are teachers who are not ready for this profession. They view teaching as imparting knowledge only they do not see the value of the learner especially their needs. Teachers’ manners is a must. We don’t want these children to be just another criminals of justice in the future just because they once have a teacher who had a bad manner.

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