What Are You Chasing As You Live Your Life?

With this busy world, sometimes we are also confuse of  what are really matters in life. What makes us happy? What do we really need to do to attain happiness? and How?

Things don’t come in a present box. They don’t come that way. It’s not easy to find what is really that thing that makes us happy when we are so much occupied with so many business that exhaust our life and energy, I hope that at the end of the day we will not be finding ourselves running out of time that we are not yet able to find things that make us happy.

We should be careful. we may have things to do but we also experience the barrenness of a busy life.  No meaning at all.

Happiness lies to those who are contented.

Let me Die

I don’t know but to tell you the truth I really cried that night when I watched this video. I somehow relate myself to the character. Longing for someone to notice me and love  me just the way I loved in return. I don’t know why things happen that way for me. When it’s my time to go it’s the only time they realize that I am important. It hurts to know that they will only love you when there is no more time left.