Choosing what is right or Lying to save relationship

Better to be slapped with the truth than kissed with a lieThe truth about the title is that you can never save any relationship by lying. Lying as a resort in saving a relationship is a false solution. Something bad can never make something right. Deciding to do what is right entails a lot of courage. Perhaps, you may need to face your fears when you choose to do what is right. It may be hard but you know it is the right thing to do. and the right things are always the hard ones to live out. People are not used to it that is why they find it hard.

It takes values and virtues to stick to the truth. Lying can never turn itself into something that is true. Lying in nature is evil. Therefore it can never be used to make things right. To withdraw your words when you know you are not in the proper place to say it, when you know you are not talking to the right person, when you know it’s not the proper time, when you know it’s not the proper words, when you know you’re not in the proper disposition, is not lying. Telling the truth entails also proper timing. They should be revealed at the proper time. Truths have their own time in this world.

Standing for what you believe in entails sacrifice. Your virtues may cost that things that you don’t want to let go but that is the test. It’s really the time for you to choose which is more important for you in life. Nature also requires balancing. Things that matters less should be foregone.

Protecting others through lies create another lie, that is, making them believe to your words and actions. They are living in your lies. Telling the truth may give pain to other people but it is the only way to set them free. It is the only way to protect them from lies. From living the world falsely. Truth hurts for a while but it is genuine. Lies hurt forever because it deceives. The foundation of a relationship lies on the trust of both. Truth makes any relationship strong. Lies destroy it even more. Telling the truth builds trust.

Build your relationship on truth. Don’t nurture it with lies.  A lie can never be stopped by another lie. A lie is like a chain. When a lie is told another lie will come a long. The only way to stop the chain of lies is truth. Once a truth is told another truth will come out. We would rather be hurt by truth than by lies.

It’s only with the truth that we will be set free. Tell the truth and be free. Truth cannot be defended, it will defend itself.

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