The wrong things I’ve done

My life experiences so far are composes of happy memories and boon mistakes. I wanted to recognize the wrong things I’ve done as a boon mistakes of my life. My happy memories remain so sweet as I recall them and as if they are still fresh in my mind. But my boon mistakes, I considered them my weaknesses where I find my strength. It is through them that I’ve found out that I am strong enough to face the new faces of life. they are my stepping stones for a greater and brighter tomorrow. I would like to share some of them for they are so precious to be kept to myself. We can also learn form others’ mistakes because we believe that they’ve known what’s to be there.

As I collect my thoughts and my memories, these are some of the wrong things I’ve done and I hope you can learn from them.

1. I fake it Until I become it.

Yes, Sometimes I fake the things I do but I’m genuine.

to be continued…

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