NSNU: A Catholic School

It’s been a month since the revelation of the merging of Nazareth School and National University was made. The merging gave birth a new institution and a new school , the Nazareth School of National University. It has been perceived that the merging of both school will provide a better quality of education to the young learners around and near Sampaloc, Manila. Combining the latest and most equipped facilities and the best Catholic Educational system is believed to be an effective way of formation for the Learners. Now, What happened to NSNU since the day it was born? A 5-month old school.

Nazareth School being a Catholic school retained it’s Spirit to form young boys and girls through Christian Education while National University continue to improve its identity of excellence in Athletics and Academics. The merging of the two school is believed to offer the best wholistic Education to the Learners. It’s nice to know that the two School unite for a common purpose, to serve the young. NSNU although newly born and is facing hardships of adjustment it never failed to give its best to the students the best education they must receive.

NSNU through its managers and admistrators with the cooperation of the faculty and staff and all of those who are contributing for the benefit of the institution, the school is running its best so far.


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