Management is not Sincere in Just Share promise

1676a5e8-d2b3-481f-8102-3916e9fe61b3_972Why share should be Just?

As far as I can remember, the agreement of just share to the fruit of works were done before the school year begun, and contract was signed by both parties so that responsibilities are to be carried out for justice’s sake and for the good of the people who will be receiving and buying the services. The agreement requires the cooperation of both parties, the employer and the employees. Both parties are entitled to receive what is just. Just work on the part of the employees and just remuneration on the part of the employer.

As of this time, I think there had been a misunderstanding on both sides on how this Just should be exercised by both parties. Employees are beginning to demand what they are suppose to be receiving as Just share. Months have passed and still nothing had happened. There are many reasons coming from the management why such Just remuneration is not yet visible to the worker. Whatever the reasons of the management, I believe that they should face their employees and explain everything that they need  to explain. Employees’ dedication to work are declining because of the feeling that they are not well treated. I say treated,not paid, because part of treating well an employee is paying him/her according to what is just for justice’ sake(Commutative).

I’m not after the money here, I am after the responsibility of the management to do what has been agreed upon. To be true to their words. How will their employees trust them if a simple just share is not observed. Values are being questioned in times like this. I know, a devoted and compassionate worker will not be after the money and I am not after the money I must get. I am  after to the value of role modeling that the management is suppose to be showing to the employees so that commitment, dedication, honesty, and trust would prevail in the workplace.

Why share should be Just?

…for everybody’s sake…!

Out of Respect

SelfRespect“Don’t tell me I’m wrong to prove yourself you’re right”

Sometimes, we are caught in a situation wherein, according to our standards, we know that we are totally right and the other person is otherwise. Perhaps, in our own perspective of things we are right and this feeling of being right gives us satisfaction and worthiness and develops in us a trust to ourselves and in our words but this feeling of being right could a dangerous state and belief. It could bring disaster if left unchecked.

Yes, we are right but we also need to recognize that being right doesn’t mean the other person is wrong. Sometimes, we interpret things in the light of our own knowledge, taught or gained, and experience. And there it is, because we tend to seek out our rightness proving that we are right and trying to bring out the truth, the bias of not looking beyond the perception of others  may occur and this tends us to stick in to our own interpretation of what is right. An individual self-interpretation could be erroneous.

If an individual interpretation have the tendency to be a bias procedure, then what might be there also in a collective interpretation and teaching? A consensus knowledge might sound good and it sounds like it carries the truth at its best because it is a collective thoughts and ideas put together. Truth in the light of well thought knowledge could be accepted at its best but still it doesn’t guarantee its veracity. It doesn’t mean that  many approved a certain concept perceived as truth would mean it is the truth already. The world is full of truths as man declared it but the thing is why are truth often times are contradicting to each others. who tells the truths and who tell a lie?

Sometimes, if not most of the times, we feel that our words contain the truths, and we perceived that we are right. Sometimes, yes sometimes, Rightness will just be depending on how we see and interpret the events in our lives but we must also remember that there are absolute rights and wrongs in this world. It’s just because we are right and it’s just because you were able to prove your rightness, others are already wrong. Out of respect we should not tend to forget the value of a person. let’s present the truth in a way that we still respect the value of others.

Out of respect, Don’t tell me I’m wrong to prove yourself you’re right