Trust your Self

Trust YourselfNo one will ever trust you in this world unless you trust yourself first. God gave us the gift of Faith in which a virtue where trust springs up. Trust is as just one of the dimensions of faith we need to exercise our lives. And this trust and first to be given to its receiver and benefactor, e.i., the self. It’s just so simple that what you don’t have you can not give it to others.

Trust is a gift, therefore, we have not asked it, it was given to us freely by the one who created us maybe because it’s part of us being created in the image and likeness of God. God was so good that He lets us be a part of him. He gave us a image that was patterned to His. Let us learn to use this gift for our own benefit. God gave everything for our own good.

Trust yourself. Learn to have that capacity to yield in into your being. You are capable of doing good for self and most of all for others. Learn that trust is rooted in our capacity to believe in our selves, in what we can do, in what we know and able to know. God revealed to us that by trusting our self we are also trusting the gifts God gave us and ultimately, Trusting God who gave us the gift. Putting our trust to proper being may mean giving our self the best option of Life.

Every little gifts are not little when they are used for the greater Glory of God.

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