Bitterness and lies

tumblr_ld3tixFSxI1qbx6dw“Let the past bury its dead.”

One thing in this world that we cannot change is our past. Everything in the past is unchangeable, there is nothing we can do to undo them and they can be our worst nightmare that will hunt us for the rest of our lives if we allow them so  or they can be our best memories that will remind us of the best things in life.

Our pasts are shadows, they come and go whenever they want. They make alive the things we should have buried long ago and they hunt us in the middle of the night when we thought that we are already on the period of moving on and ready to face the new challenges of life yet when come they scare us of the future that we don’t know and they cripple as we move on towards of changing pushing us back to where we have stumbled before.

‘Let the pass bury its dead.”

The first process of healing is when we go back to our past and understand and put a light that will enable us to why we are  wounded in our present. We don’t blame anyone but it is the first step in burying your past.

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