Rituals or Worship?

Just this morning, we have had the launching of our one-week activity for United Nation, which will be celebrated late because of the many unpredictable circumstances and uncontrollable actions of nature.

I can’t help to comment if the launching activity were able to convey and condition the students of the theme of the activity which is “One for the family, the World and Mother Earth”, even the theme alone, I can’t even understand what it means.

During the launching, there were activities, most of it were dancing presentation, and they were really entertaining but I can’t figure it out what were they trying to say in their dances. I guess the discretion was left behind to the audiences.

Well, in my own discretion of dances, I always believe that when you present a dance you always have to consider your audiences. Age propriety must be considered. There are dances that I think really aren’t for young to do and watch. It’s not about if it’s beautiful but it’s about education of propriety, appropriateness is very important.

The launching was entertaining and a beautiful RITUAL as well.

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