How to detect an extrinsically motivated person

I want to describe the faculty and staff meeting with HRO of the school “A battle of rewards and compensations in the name of Justice and fairness”.

The long waiting moment for the Retro of Advisory and Club moderator fees have been announced and confirmed already by the HRO of the school that these fees will given this coming payday, and it was such a beautiful song to the ears of all the teachers involve, including me.

I can’t help to notice but I saw some teachers who were so motivated to work just because of what they can get, just because there’s a money involve. There were questions regarding the teaching overload which the management won’t be able to compensate because of the lack of fund, the deduction about tardiness which was answered by the principal by raising the question “Is it ethical to be tardy?”, the substitution which will suppose to done because it is still part of the working hours and in the name of service, teachers are accountable for the welfare of the children.

In the meeting, teachers were so much concerned of what they can get out of their effort and work, and I think It’s their right and due to think that way but how ever there is beyond the reward of material things that we should be after for.

People who are just after the rewards of material are motivated extrinsically. Extrinsic motivation is both good and bad to some extent depending on the timing.

I saw some teachers who were extrinsically motivated and it’s easy to detect, first, it’s when they were much concerned of the material rewards, second, when they lose their enthusiasm in their work because they feel that they were unjustly treated and unjustly rewarded for the efforts and work.

When extrinsic motivation reigns it will kill the inner motivation which is the intrinsic motivation, which drives the person to do things for a higher purpose not just because of rewards. An intrinsically motivated person works even though material rewards are not included and involved, perhaps, Values and Virtues are what reigns in him/her.

All of us are sometimes extrinsically and intrinsically motivated to some extent, but we need to be aware what motivates us. Don’t let the material world governs us.