The power of the hands

stock-photo-hands-are-grabbing-the-power-letters-39693043Just lately I got so intimidated with this book entitled “the definitive book of body language” that I luckily downloaded in the internet for free. I’m not yet done reading it but I’m on my way half-page of the book. I got so interested with the part  involving the language of the hands and palm. It is said in the book that all written and observed were based on research.

What I want to share is the palm down, palm-up. and pointing finger. How will you be gaining and using power over people with the use of your palm. Well, I guess before I came to know all of these I was already using the hand power position unconsciously.

1. Palm-up

The non-threatening position of the hands. when you call somebody, use the palm-up position so that you may convey to the other people that you are non-threatening being. This is a more friendly way of pointing to other people. You can also use this hand position when you want to call the attention of others. The brain automatically reads the position as non-threatening.

2. Palm-down

This signifies authority. when you use this one, your are conveying to the other person that you are more superior and you are in authority. If you are really in authority, you may use this palm position to call attention or to command. This position is commonly use by commanders. Base on research, It was found out that it really impacts the persons when you want to convey authority.

3. finger pointing

Never use this one. I tell you. Even a baby knows what it mean. A very demeaning and threatening way of subjecting other people.

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