What a Broken Cannot Forget

imagesThey said, when you feel broken it is a sign that you have tried to love a person that aren’t meant for you and you ended up losing and letting go of everything, every moment and memory you cherished because deep inside your heart you know that it just can’t be and it will never be. Brokenness is sometimes a proof that’s what is inside is a real feeling, it is a real thing. Even the hardest rock gets broken.

I have never moved since the time that I have lost the person I love and I believe the person who loves me too. I have never moved on because I choose not to and this burdens my heart and blocking me from any possibilities of opening  my heart to anyone. And the truth is, I have never moved on because of my belief system that nobody can love me, that she is the only person who is capable of loving me. I am afraid because if she doesn’t come back I think nobody can love me and like me that way she did. I love her because she was the only person who believes and loves and takes me as I am. That’s is why I can not move on.

I feel broken because I have nurtured a hidden love for this lady, a love that is somewhat forbidden. I cannot love her because in the first place she doesn’t love me. That merely not loving back a person can also be a cause of brokenness. And I feel that way and I have nothing to do because I knew it from the very beginning that things would be happening this way. I fell in love still but it is a choice that I did even though I know that nobody will be there to catch me.

Even though brokenness will be going to stay, I will still never forget all the happiness that you brought in my life. There is happiness in being broken it is about being true to the feelings without expecting things in return. It is loving unconditionally and freely without any demands and pressure from the other person.

In my brokenness, I have learned acceptance. I have learned to accept things as they are. I have learned to accept the reality that when you love a person, love them unconditionally. Love until it hurts and until it hurts no more because that’s is love, you give it freely. You don’t expect something in return because when you do that that will hurt you. Love until it hurts and until it hurts no more.

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