Unbearable Goodbyes

gay art 283 Leaving HomeI am now moving on to the life that I wanted to be and this life doesn’t  include anyone including the person that I loved the most because I have decided already and have taken wholeheartedly that you are no longer will be a part of me but only part of my past that will stay behind because you were meant to be there for a reason.

I feel pain but I also recognize that It’s just natural and this feeling is part of moving forward, part of going to the place where I want to be, to the place where you are no longer there. I believe you can not be a part of me because it will not be me who will complete and give the life that is rightly for you. I have no role in your life to play behind the scenes is where I am suppose to be.

I won’t be looking back anymore and that I will do that. I will leave you behind because I know you won’t be journeying with me because that’s just the way it is and I know and I have accepted it already. I will be carrying you in my heart all the way but not as a burden but as only a memory that will remind me of my past life which I believe I didn’t regret because meeting you is one of the best things that happened to me. I will be carrying the lessons and memories you gave me but the love that I have for you, the love will be left behind because It will be a burden on my part to carry them in my journey. Part of leaving is to leave the most important part of my life, the love I have for you.

No regrets when I fell for you and No regrets also when I decided the time that I will now forget you. I won’t be forgetting you because in reality I can never do that. All I can do is leave it all behind so that all that stays there will just be there. Your future is bright and let it be.

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