Ivan Matthew Balajadia Missing

Mga tamad gumawa ng pr0jectsHe’s one of the brightest students that I had before and the one that I usually talked with because of his ability and gift of talking.  “Madaldal” in Filipino. We used to talk about many things, anything that is under the heat of the sun.

I know he is in college now. He was second year high school when I left the school he’s in. I was his adviser that time. He’s a rich boy but he’s also thrifty. During those times, he was the only student who never feared  me. When I was angry, he would say, “easy, easy,’ and then he smiled and more, he also laughed. I never interpret his action as a sign of disrespect but a reminder for me to take control of my emotions.

Whenever he had free times, he would come to me and talked things that I don’t even know. I would just say, “ah, o.k.”  He’s found of asking and telling. He’s a story teller.

During those times, I love eating “piatos” and drinking mountain dew, he would come to me and drink to my mountain dew till the last drop. What I eat he eats, what I drink he drinks. Even my facial wash, he uses it. What a boy! He never hesitated to fear me. And when I got angry, he just smiled.

I asked him one time why he’s not afraid of me and he answered, “Mabait ka po kaya.” I smiled secretly but I replied, “sip-sip.” but I like the feeling that somebody is really confident in believing that you are a good person.

For the present, I am glad Ivan is being replaced in the person Emiro Cabahug, even though we are not that close and he’s not under me now.

But still, I want to know what is happening to Ivan. I hope he can still remember me. Anyway, Ivan was the one wearing blue T-shirt.

The Reason I lost Her

indexWe should not rush things especially getting into a relationship. It requires a lot of maturity.

I promised myself that if I am going to enter a relationship for the second time I would make it sure that I am matured enough to handle it and to relate myself to the best of me.

I admit that when the first time I entered a relationship, It didn’t work out the way we wanted it to be. I should have known better that time. Loosing her is one of the things I will forever regret. but also I won’t be depriving myself from loving again because I know only love can heal a wound caused by selfishness.

I was then very selfish not to give importance to her feelings. All I knew then was that, if she loved me then I don’t have to worry because she will always do what she is doing, and that is loving me. But I was wrong, she left, all because of my selfishness. I am not aware of that before.

I know I am not yet ready for it but I hope when the time will come I can ready for her, whoever she is.

I just need to let go of everything so that I may learn from it. I admit that I miss everything that we had and I wanted them back but It’s just so impossible now. It’s not easy to go back when you have traveled far already.

All I want is maturity from myself. I just want a relationship where both of us can really claim that it is ours. I never want to rush things and I am willing to wait.

If you’re not yet ready, let the both of us wait until we arrive to the place where w should meet.

How do I describe this feeling, Soledad?

solitude-798638-mI don’t know why I am feeling it just this past few days. Soledad.

Soledad is a Spanish name for a girl which means “solitude or loneliness.”

I was feeling so lonely that I just wanted to be alone. I wanted to do things alone. I felt I was being left behind by the things that I was running after. And then it turned out that I don’t know what I am chasing for.

I know I am blessed because I am surrounded with people who truly loves me and I believe it. How can I share this emptiness if nobody knows the deepest of me. I just can’t and it left me lonely and helpless.

Soledad. I am so alone. Sometimes, I just wanna go back to the time when someone has loved me for me. It’s just a lost I can’t replaced. Now I know, it’s my lost not her.

I don’t know how to describe this feeling but I don’t want  it. I don’t want to be there.


What happen to peace and obedience?

We’re almost there and then suddenly the bus stopped in the middle of the bridge. What happened? Over heat? No gas? I don’t know, all I knew was that we stopped when we’re almost there. IMG_20140214_181607

The driver checked the bus machine and we waited for at least a minute. After checking, he requested some if the boys, of course the students, to push the bus. Funny but I helped also in pushing the bus and that’s one of the experiences that I did not plan. Enough of pushing.The driver finally declared that the bus cannot run anymore. What? Don’t say we’ll be stocked here when were just 2-3 kilometers away from the school. And that’s exactly what happened.

We’re causing traffic in the middle of the road, so the bus was towed to the place where we can wait for the reserved bus to fetch us.

1 2 3 4 5

After towing, we waited the reserved bus for more than two hours and that made us home almost 8:00 in the evening.

It’s not a wasted time waiting for the bus because the hours spent in laughing,exchanging jokes, picked-up lines and picture takings of course.

Sometimes, things that are out of the plan are more memories. The Unexpected one.


Peace and Obedience should be together

DSCN0542 DSCN0543I was so lucky that I had given an opportunity to be with my advisory class and with section-Obedience during the educational filed trip. It’s just so fun to re united with some of my former advisory class.

Grade 7-Peace   and Grade 8-obedince were teamed up during the educational trip. I believed they have enjoyed each others company during the activities. The team were divided into two, “timang” and “baliw”. Funny but quite awkward and doesn’t sound good. Team Timang got the lead in winning some of the games.

Team Timang won because of their cooperativeness. When they do activities they were really united, not scattered.They follow rules properly. But what I like most is that when one game was done, the facilitator will have this what she called “Valuing”. She processed the activities bringing out what the students had learned and what they should be getting form the activities. Lessons are really important.

There were so many activities the students engaged in like the wall climbing, zip lining, and rappelling. Most of them enjoyed all the activities. I heard them shouting conquering their fears of height. But it’s nice to see them enjoying everything.

I, myself enjoyed the trip. I have tried also some of the activities and it’s really worth trying. I have enjoyed wall climbing and rappelling even though I almost gave up. I’m glad, I made it.

Thanks for the memories.


5 things NOT to do in facebooks

indexSince, I am back in Facebook, I need to set rules for my self so that I can regulate my time never to waste it to nonsense things like delving all my attentions to this social media site.

Here’s my list.

1. Don’t accept all friend requests.

I’ll filter people whom I think do not deserve to enter the portal and secrecy of my life. I am not rude and unfriendly. I just want my little privacy be known to few. A friend to everybody is a friend to nobody.

2. Never give a comment to any post nor like a post.

Perhaps I can just read the stuffs of my friends but I will never give a finger commenting their posts. I don’t like to engage myself to online gossips.

3. I will never accept any tagging or posting on my timeline.

My timeline would only be for my blogs and other important information. No more no less.

4. No Uploading of Photos, Videos, etc.

I would like that all information in photos and videos would only be mine. I’m very much aware that once a photo is uploaded to internet it is for everybody’s viewing. Privacy is not true. All can be accessed all that is in the internet.

5. I can chat but only to few.

I never intended to create this account just to chat. I will do chatting for important matters only.

The Reason why you never Forget a person is that…

62653_510706898964988_1445549245_nIt is so wonderful to imagine that the heart can never forget the feeling it has felt before. Feelings tend more to stay and stick in the heart than memories.Though memories never fade, sometimes in our lives when we most need them they don’t appear and when we don’t need them anymore they just come out.

The reason why you never forget a person is that feeling you felt before. Once you felt it, it can never be outdone nor erased. It will stay for the rest of your life. Sometimes, we just wished that feelings can only be words so that when we don’t use them we can easily forget them.

The reason why you never forget a person is that he/she gave you something special. Whatever that may be, we all know secretly that we are so much attached to that special thing.

The reason why you never forget a person is that you are still hoping that one day he/she may come back to love you again. but that’s not it. Sometimes, it’s just a false hope that make us believe that we are still loved.

The reason why you never forget a person is that you still have feelings for him/her.


Moving on is a choice never a feeling. Choose to move despite of everything. Choice is a will power within your reach though sometimes it’s hardest way to forget.

Nokia is MISSED

nokia-phonesWhere is NOKIA now?

Those who are at their twenties now, I’m probably sure and very much sure that you grown up and witnessed how NOKIA entered your lives. When we were young, NOKIA was the phone that made us connect to our friends and the only phone we used every where we go. We brought this phone to every places we go.

What I miss about Nokia?

1. It’s the only phone that you can design its cover easily without you going to the center.

Well, the Nokia body cover can only be bought anywhere. You buy whatever design you want. Easily accessible. Not like the phones today. It’s just so complicated that covers should only be changed by the manufacturer.

2. It’s the only phone that is user friendly.

Even without manual, you can manipulate that phone. You can used it easily because of the friendly features it has. If it doesn’t function, any technician can fix it. You don’t need to go the center again to have it fix.

3. NOKIA is well made.

Nothing can surpass the standard of toughness that a NOKIA product has. Even if you throw it three times, it will not break.

and lastly,

4. It’s the only phone that were able us to text without looking the keypad and screen.

Where is Nokia now?

I guess, we who grew up and experienced NOKIA in our lives will always be a part that we will miss.

Why “February” has only 28 days

february-2013-calendar-17 February-calendarI have asked myself this question before but It didn’t bother me to look for an answer because I thought it’s just stupid thing to do. but finally answer came to me when I am reading this book of Dale Carnegie about public speaking. In his book, Dale is suggesting that every aspiring speaker should strive to at least know the original meaning of the words that they are using so that they can explain well their topic. And he gave some examples that were really fascinating like this month “February” that it only has 28 days and it is the only month that never reach 31.

The culprit of this lacking of number in your calendar is Emperor Augustus. Obviously, the month of August was derived in honor of him and same as the month of July was derived from its predecessor, Emperor Julius. Additional, January is form Janus, the one course by Zeus and appeared to be a two-faced being.

Emperor Julius commanded that July should be after his name and when he died, his successor Emperor Augustus name the next month, which is August, after him. But a conflict happened, July has 31 days while August has only 30 days. The Emperor Augustus didn’t want that Emperor Julius got a more number of days than him. So he commanded to get a number from another month that will be added to him. Unfortunately, the month is February. That explains why that month is lacking of one number. It was added to the month of August.

How facebook, twitter, and instagram transfrom society

facebook-batasi-penggunaan-instagram-di-twitterI’m tempted to go back to facebook, twitter, instagram and other social media sites but I can’t find any reason why I need to do so. Quitting my social net media sites is not so much a sacrifice. I know that I can live without them, without using them in my life. I only use my phone for communication and this blog to write my insights and share my thoughts.

I am not a social media hater. I just don’t promote it. I left and give up social media for some important personal reasons.

But I think It’s nice to go over how media transform a society.

1. Those who are spending most of their hours in social media are wasting their time.

There are a lot more  of exciting things to do than to just focus your attention in the social media. I believe that the ultimate purpose of media is still for communication. I guess people knew that fact but only few really adhere to the true meaning and purpose of media. And if media is for communication I think we should also mind what are we communicating. Actually, people make noise through their social media but the thing is there is no real communication happen. It is all a senseless talks.

2. People are getting stupid.

Personally, I observed that people sometimes just rely all their information they read from the media. Internet is like a free country, not a democratic in a sense, you can put their whatever you want without restrictions. People nowadays are so stupid that they can not even distinguish a true information. All are being believed. Why don’t you try reading books, not what your “friends” in the social media are saying. Social media is now becoming a battlefield of gossips. And I don’t want to join. You may defend yourself from the reality about gossip but unconsciously, sometimes without you noticing it, you also give comments to the things that are not worth noticing.

3. People are getting stupid in Time management.

I hate to say this, but  I see people that while working they are engaged to their social media. They used it while working. They post, tweet, and take selfies in the workplace. Well, I think that unprofessional. If workers are really professionals they should know to manage their time with regards to the usage of their social media. Work first, social media later. We are getting stupid in managing our time. Media are supposed to be helping us in our work not hindering us to work better.

Those are just some of my observations with regards to people who are social media addicts and addicts to be. Media are only means not end. When it becomes an end then we need to think and have a deep reflection why we have them in our lives.