Why Teachers should be Respected

refI am teacher and I know how it is to be one.

During my first year of teaching, one of the things that scares me is parent conference, where in I need to face the parents of my students for some clarification or some reminders or any thing that regards to their son/daughter. I hate it because I don’t have yet that confidence to talk with people who are older than me especially parents who I think are experienced than I.

I am in my fourth year of teaching already and at least I have survived many parent conferences in the past years of my teaching. And sometimes, if not most of the time, parent-conference is one of the sources of stress to teachers. It sapped all my energies and It left me drain and nothing remains.

I have experienced parents who were very rude whey they make judgment or when they talked to teachers. I hate parents like that as if they know everything about teaching. If only we could exchange shoes so that they may know what is it to be in a situation wherein you will handle and educate a more than 40 students with different personalities, family backgrounds and different training grounds.

I believe there are many reasons why teachers should be respected no matter what.

1. Even though you pay the tuition of your child and basically you know that it is the source of income for the company to be the salary of the teachers, as a parent/costumer you still don’t have the right to say rude things to teachers who I believe are doing their best to give what is Justice and right for your Child. Teachers are humans and still have rights, respect theirs as they respect yours.

2. Please, don’t go personal. Respect the personal and private life of a teacher. You don’t know what the teacher is having at the moment of his/her life. Who you then to insult the personality of a teacher. Your money is never enough to say whatever you want.

3. Don’t expect too much from teachers. I believe they are doing their best for the betterment of the students. Don’t expect that teachers are supposed to be in handle of everything. Teachers have lots of work to do. They can’t  be watching your child all the time. There are other students who need the attention of that teacher not only your child.

4. Teachers are not perfect. we have flaws, we commit mistakes and sometimes we do wrong decisions. Don’t expect us that whatever happens to your child is our responsibility, your child has also responsibility. He/she should follow school rules and regulations and even teachers rules, if he/she didn’t do his part, understand that it is not our fault in the first place. Unexpected things happen because your child did not follow the rule/s that is suppose to maintain peace and order.

5. Say your words nicely. Teachers deserve respect from any person. We are doing a favor to you. We are educating your Child to the maximum of our capability and ability which money cannot buy. Understand also that some of you parents are responsible for the education of your child. It’s not just you send them to school and then you expect them to go out transformed already. Their education mostly depends on you.

6. There are parents who are mean to teachers. And I just want to tell them that please know your Child well. When they are in school they change personalities. Today’s generation has multiple personality. Don’t claim that you know your child very well and tell us that teachers are not honest enough when we evaluate the performance of your child.

7. In school we can not guarantee that because it is a Catholic School or any School owned by religious sect all students that we admit are good. Don’t expect too much from the schools name and then later on you get disappointed. To tell you the truth, whatever happens to one school happens also to other. All school share same sentiment. If you think that moving out your child from the school and transferring him to other will be good for him then do it. That would be a good decision. Maybe the child realty needs it.

8. Parents I think should know their boundaries.

9. An educated person does diplomacy to conflict. We are in an educational institution and I think it is rightly to do things professionally. As teachers, I understand that there some parents who cannot do it and I understand and respect their situation.

10. Teachers are workers but Money can never supplement nor buy their effort and care they are giving to the young people. If  parents can not educate their own child how much more you expect to a teacher who educate  a more than 40 students in a room. It is really a hard work to do. It is never easy. The money you pay is never enough to pay all the heartaches we experience and we face whenever we are in school. 

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