when goodbyes are Best

letting-go-quotes-16” Oh I could say that I”ll be all you need but that would be a lie.

I know I’d only hurt. I’d know only make you cry.

I am not the one you needed.”

I don’t know if it’s somewhat prudent to say that it is right to leave when you know it won’t be going to work and all that are in a relationships are pains and sufferings and the only solution are goodbyes. I believe that love is sacrifice and sacrifice demands to set and let each other free when time is needed for both to have freedom and experienced again the happiness and beauty of loving and being loved truly.

It aches a heart to leave the one you love when you know you have so much to offer and to give but why such circumstances where in you are in a point of your life that you really love a person so much yet you have and you need to leave because you know within yourself that you aren’t enough to be loved by her and you aren’t able enough to give the love she needs.

Perhaps goodbye would be the kindest thing to do. Even though it pierces the heart and brings lasting emotional pain you need to do it because that is what love is. Even though it pains you need to do it for the joys of the other.

“I hope someday you can, find some way to understand. I’m only doing this for you. I don’t really wanna go but deep inside my heart I know.

This is the kindest thing to do.”

Sometimes the kindest thing is the most painful experience to need to undergo. It is only then we are able to understand the purpose of love.

Goodbye ’till we meet again!