Philippines have the largest and biggest arena in the world


“Yes, that Arena on the making has 75,000 sitting capacity compare to the presently biggest arena that can contain 50,000 audiences inside.”

On our way to Lola Corazon, Candaba, Pampanga for our educational trip, the tourist talked about this biggest and largest Arena in the world to be  that will be sited here in the Philippines and be named “Phippine Arena.” I thought before It is owned by the Government because of the name but when she continued giving added information she finally revealed the owner, no other than one of the most popular sects in the Philippines, the  Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC).

I was amazed by the constructions because it was really large and huge in size. There were other buildings on the making on the sides of the Arena which I think were also big and huge because they occupy large portion of land. Maybe, this buildings will serve a great purpose when they are fully done.

No wonder why this sect has the gut to erect such building. That 10% tithing can be a lot of money when collected well. No question that it will be a big amount of money.

I can’t understand why INC members are willing to give such money to their leaders. Is it in exchange of their salvation? I don’t think serving their sect that way can save them but I respect their decision anyway but I also know that they were fooled and deceived by what ever that had been offered to them.

I hope less Catholics would be transferring to this sect. Why? because their way of teaching their doctrine is to attack the doctrine of others. They cannot explain their own doctrines because in the first place it has no root, it has no basis for explanation because their doctrines are just their won inventions, it has no trace of origin.  This sect is just a product of a mind. It was not founded by God but a man, a Filipino Man.