Reasons why we should not judge others

index“External act doesn’t guarantee the disposition of the heart”

Actions, we may say, speak louder than words but the question is are these actions really the manifestations of what the heart really contain. Actions may convey a perfect message rather than words but can it also be an error if we let the perceiver of the actions interpret the actions on its own? Well, I think it’s possible for a single action may also contain a thousand words.

“The heart matters, it is what happens inside that is most important.”

Sometimes, actions are just shows.They don’t contain the spirit of the heart because they are dead. They are merely used for a selfish purposes. Actions are done not out of love but out of ego. If we look at deeper at our hearts, we see that most of the things we do are done basically because we want something. We want something in return. If we don’t guard our hearts we may be doing it for the rest of our lives. Or we may be doing doing it unconsciously.

“It is not about the action, even though we may see it, but also the intention, the reason of the heart why we do it.”

The reason of the heart is probably the most important part and basis of why we do such action. Action can be a human basis  for what is good because in the first place it is only the person who does the act  knows the real intention behind his\her action. But  that’s not all, what happens inside is what God sees. God sees the depths of the human heart.

“Actions can be faked but the heart knows you cannot lie.”

No matter what we do, we cannot lie and we cannot deny the intention of the heart. Even though we may fake our actions, God sees our intentions.