3 Reasons Why Letting Go and Moving On Matter

ag.story_.movingonadeadlineThe first time I watched the trailer of  the movie  ‘Starting Over Again’ by Piolo Pascual and Toni Gonzaga, I was a little bit  of no reaction not because I can not connect with the story nor I don’t know what was happening nor what’s between the two rather my reaction was more of ‘I know the feeling.’

People separate ways for reasons that we don’t know and sometimes we even  don’t understand at all and most of them happened in the most unexpected time. And when it happened, you will be left of what you only have and that is yourself, wandering whether you can make it alone or questioning when will be time for you move on.

Letting go and Moving on are only possible when…

1. both of you completely decided to end the relationship.

No one should be left hanging nor hoping that your relationship can go back to its original state but please if there are still possible ways to save your relationship, do it. but when prudence tells you to let go, then it’s time. It’s no good when both of you are hurting and it’s better to let go and let each other be free and be happy.

Before parting ways, make sure closure has been done. It should be clear where you stand and where you put each other in each others life.

End a relationship well so that you may begin with someone better well.

2. You accept the reality and start to walk forward.

Love is always a decision as well as leaving is also a decision. When you decide to end and part ways it means you are also ready to take the challenge to move forward and let each other walk on its own way. You can not decide to leave when you know you can’t take it. You will only see yourself going back. Unless you really still love each other.

You will never forget the memories. They will always be there and never be erased. When you move on, it doesn’t mean you will leave them behind, it means carrying them yet not as a painful memories but memories that has been part of you and contributes to the person of who you are.

3. you decide to Open you heart again.

At the right time, love will present itself at the door of your heart. Give yourself a chance to love again and importantly be loved. People find it hard to love again because they are still hoping for the relationship they once have. Let others share the healing of your heart but do it when you know you are ready to love again not because you need someone who could replace the love you have lost.

Relationship requires a certain level of maturity. Love is always a decision not based on feelings and emotions but based on what is good and right. Love can never be wrong.