How facebook, twitter, and instagram transfrom society

facebook-batasi-penggunaan-instagram-di-twitterI’m tempted to go back to facebook, twitter, instagram and other social media sites but I can’t find any reason why I need to do so. Quitting my social net media sites is not so much a sacrifice. I know that I can live without them, without using them in my life. I only use my phone for communication and this blog to write my insights and share my thoughts.

I am not a social media hater. I just don’t promote it. I left and give up social media for some important personal reasons.

But I think It’s nice to go over how media transform a society.

1. Those who are spending most of their hours in social media are wasting their time.

There are a lot more  of exciting things to do than to just focus your attention in the social media. I believe that the ultimate purpose of media is still for communication. I guess people knew that fact but only few really adhere to the true meaning and purpose of media. And if media is for communication I think we should also mind what are we communicating. Actually, people make noise through their social media but the thing is there is no real communication happen. It is all a senseless talks.

2. People are getting stupid.

Personally, I observed that people sometimes just rely all their information they read from the media. Internet is like a free country, not a democratic in a sense, you can put their whatever you want without restrictions. People nowadays are so stupid that they can not even distinguish a true information. All are being believed. Why don’t you try reading books, not what your “friends” in the social media are saying. Social media is now becoming a battlefield of gossips. And I don’t want to join. You may defend yourself from the reality about gossip but unconsciously, sometimes without you noticing it, you also give comments to the things that are not worth noticing.

3. People are getting stupid in Time management.

I hate to say this, but  I see people that while working they are engaged to their social media. They used it while working. They post, tweet, and take selfies in the workplace. Well, I think that unprofessional. If workers are really professionals they should know to manage their time with regards to the usage of their social media. Work first, social media later. We are getting stupid in managing our time. Media are supposed to be helping us in our work not hindering us to work better.

Those are just some of my observations with regards to people who are social media addicts and addicts to be. Media are only means not end. When it becomes an end then we need to think and have a deep reflection why we have them in our lives.

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