Why “February” has only 28 days

february-2013-calendar-17 February-calendarI have asked myself this question before but It didn’t bother me to look for an answer because I thought it’s just stupid thing to do. but finally answer came to me when I am reading this book of Dale Carnegie about public speaking. In his book, Dale is suggesting that every aspiring speaker should strive to at least know the original meaning of the words that they are using so that they can explain well their topic. And he gave some examples that were really fascinating like this month “February” that it only has 28 days and it is the only month that never reach 31.

The culprit of this lacking of number in your calendar is Emperor Augustus. Obviously, the month of August was derived in honor of him and same as the month of July was derived from its predecessor, Emperor Julius. Additional, January is form Janus, the one course by Zeus and appeared to be a two-faced being.

Emperor Julius commanded that July should be after his name and when he died, his successor Emperor Augustus name the next month, which is August, after him. But a conflict happened, July has 31 days while August has only 30 days. The Emperor Augustus didn’t want that Emperor Julius got a more number of days than him. So he commanded to get a number from another month that will be added to him. Unfortunately, the month is February. That explains why that month is lacking of one number. It was added to the month of August.

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