5 things NOT to do in facebooks

indexSince, I am back in Facebook, I need to set rules for my self so that I can regulate my time never to waste it to nonsense things like delving all my attentions to this social media site.

Here’s my list.

1. Don’t accept all friend requests.

I’ll filter people whom I think do not deserve to enter the portal and secrecy of my life. I am not rude and unfriendly. I just want my little privacy be known to few. A friend to everybody is a friend to nobody.

2. Never give a comment to any post nor like a post.

Perhaps I can just read the stuffs of my friends but I will never give a finger commenting their posts. I don’t like to engage myself to online gossips.

3. I will never accept any tagging or posting on my timeline.

My timeline would only be for my blogs and other important information. No more no less.

4. No Uploading of Photos, Videos, etc.

I would like that all information in photos and videos would only be mine. I’m very much aware that once a photo is uploaded to internet it is for everybody’s viewing. Privacy is not true. All can be accessed all that is in the internet.

5. I can chat but only to few.

I never intended to create this account just to chat. I will do chatting for important matters only.

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