Ivan Matthew Balajadia Missing

Mga tamad gumawa ng pr0jectsHe’s one of the brightest students that I had before and the one that I usually talked with because of his ability and gift of talking.  “Madaldal” in Filipino. We used to talk about many things, anything that is under the heat of the sun.

I know he is in college now. He was second year high school when I left the school he’s in. I was his adviser that time. He’s a rich boy but he’s also thrifty. During those times, he was the only student who never feared  me. When I was angry, he would say, “easy, easy,’ and then he smiled and more, he also laughed. I never interpret his action as a sign of disrespect but a reminder for me to take control of my emotions.

Whenever he had free times, he would come to me and talked things that I don’t even know. I would just say, “ah, o.k.”  He’s found of asking and telling. He’s a story teller.

During those times, I love eating “piatos” and drinking mountain dew, he would come to me and drink to my mountain dew till the last drop. What I eat he eats, what I drink he drinks. Even my facial wash, he uses it. What a boy! He never hesitated to fear me. And when I got angry, he just smiled.

I asked him one time why he’s not afraid of me and he answered, “Mabait ka po kaya.” I smiled secretly but I replied, “sip-sip.” but I like the feeling that somebody is really confident in believing that you are a good person.

For the present, I am glad Ivan is being replaced in the person Emiro Cabahug, even though we are not that close and he’s not under me now.

But still, I want to know what is happening to Ivan. I hope he can still remember me. Anyway, Ivan was the one wearing blue T-shirt.

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