Peace and Obedience should be together

DSCN0542 DSCN0543I was so lucky that I had given an opportunity to be with my advisory class and with section-Obedience during the educational filed trip. It’s just so fun to re united with some of my former advisory class.

Grade 7-Peace   and Grade 8-obedince were teamed up during the educational trip. I believed they have enjoyed each others company during the activities. The team were divided into two, “timang” and “baliw”. Funny but quite awkward and doesn’t sound good. Team Timang got the lead in winning some of the games.

Team Timang won because of their cooperativeness. When they do activities they were really united, not scattered.They follow rules properly. But what I like most is that when one game was done, the facilitator will have this what she called “Valuing”. She processed the activities bringing out what the students had learned and what they should be getting form the activities. Lessons are really important.

There were so many activities the students engaged in like the wall climbing, zip lining, and rappelling. Most of them enjoyed all the activities. I heard them shouting conquering their fears of height. But it’s nice to see them enjoying everything.

I, myself enjoyed the trip. I have tried also some of the activities and it’s really worth trying. I have enjoyed wall climbing and rappelling even though I almost gave up. I’m glad, I made it.

Thanks for the memories.


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