The Little Prince: Lessons of love

indexFour years have passed since the day that book landed into my hand and changed my perspective in life. “The Little Prince” one of my beloved books that I shall never forget and never be tired to read it over and over again.

This is my 100th blog. And I am thinking awhile what am going to say in this spot to make my blog hit its 100 articles. and then suddenly, I remember this book which I have read many times at my own pleasure and I can say it is worth reading and worth reading again.

I would like to share some of the many lessons I learned from this book.

1. Never explain yourself unless you are understood.

You can never make others understand you unless they are willing to open to their hearts and minds in understanding you.  Understanding a person doesn’t mean you have to know all about him. Acceptance can be the first step. All explanations are worthless to a person who has a fixed mind.

2. One who is sad can never move on.

If a person is lonely, he/she never move forward to happiness. Sadness sometimes are holding on to the things which are no longer  are necessary and can never be part of our lives anymore. If you’re sad you can never go far. Life goes on but you will still be lonely. Let go.

3. “One only understand the things that one tames.”

You can never understand the one that you have never loved. You can only fully know what is inside if you have loved that person. It is love that enables us to understand a person beyond measure.

4. Love is not a feeling but a decision.

There might be an instances in your life that you left her/him behind for a reason that he/she doesn’t understand. but loving is a choice of staying and leaving. Claim what is yours before it’s gone.

5. ” What is essential is invisible to the eye.”

What the eye can see is not so important. it’s the heart that really sees what is matter the most. Look the person with your heart not with your eyes, because eyes can never judge what is essential.

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