To Grade Seven Faith, with Love

Faith-Legacy-Logo-with-TrademarkJust last year, I advised these 48 students entrusted in my hands and accompanied them in their journey of the first ladder of high school life. The Grade 7-faith section, the only grade 7  section during the school year 2012-2013.

The Year I had with these students were filled with memories, lessons and learning which I can bring with me for the rest of my life. It was been a hard year yet fruitful and full of friendship of person and of  life.

Grade 7-Faith, with love

1. Respect is not a matter of Authority.

Just because I’m a teacher, they will be going to respect me. Respect begets respect. I’ve learned that respect should not imposed if you want it to be genuine. It must be earned. Give them the things you want them to give you. Somehow, I wanted them to respect me but It’s not that easy. True respect must first come to the person who is asking for it.

2. Control comes from within.

I have spent some of my days and classes getting angry with them. I just wanted them to do what I say so that there can be no problem but I’ve learned that it’s should not be. You cannot be asking things that you are not willing to do it yourself. To control others, you must first control yourself so that you might influence them. Be an example of self-discipline.

3. Never ever give up.

I had encountered so many problems with the class but I don’t know how I had survived those.  Just keep moving on, people know and appreciate the strong spirit within after the battle.

4. Be there no matter what.

I was tempt to escape my class with them but I just can’t. Even though, sometimes only few were listening and others were doing their own businesses, I just go on with my lessons. and sometimes, i just entered the room talking to myself and some other times also, I talked with German, the only student who listened to my lessons.

Imagined, I have class with them, twice a day. English, CLE, RHGP and BEC. Those days, all i just wanted was a free period.

Presence is very important. They may not say it but to merely stay there,seeing each other, may build memory that will last forever.

5. Anger is a waste of time.

I’ve learned that Anger is a waste of time and I used to spent of my time with them in anger. I realized that anger will get you no where. It won’t make the situation better. I’ve learned to be patient and understanding, listening  what is happening around. A patience man has great Understanding.

Listening is the key. There is no need to be angry when you don’t need to.

I hope they have learned lessons form me as much as I have learned many things from them. Not only lessons in the room but lessons of life that they can apply.

There are so much to learn in this world. I am grateful you are part of the great learning of my life.


with love, Sir Aguite


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