3 Sources of Worries that You should Avoid

images”Sufficient is the day. Let tomorrow have its own worry.”

The worst disease of all has transformed its name into what we called, nowadays, Worry. It kills any person slowly. No one is exempted from worrying and even young people today are prone from this disease. All of us have our own worries in life. Some have the gifts to turn this worry in to a friend but most are being tear down when this disease strikes.

Why people worry? Here are the truths behind our worries…

1. Expectations from others.

We worry to the most little things of life. We worry whether we are right in front of others or we look good in front of the crowd. We live to the expectations of people around us. We worry whether we pronounced words rightly or wrongly, whether we look good or not, whether we do things rightly or wrongly. We worry over petty things.

We are afraid to make mistakes because we are being limited by the expectations of others. We never grow that way. We should not fall from to people pleasing, it’s the major source of our worries. They don’t add up to the happiness of life so why bother pleasing others.

Limit your own boundaries. Don’t let others limit you.

2. Work

People die working. They live to work. People’s time are being consumed by their work. People need to cope with the demands of the time so they work and work and work and no more time personal growth.

Balance is the key. Work is good but too much work kills. When much of our time is being consumed by our work, worry is the result and too much of it is dangerous to the health which can lead you to your grave early.

Work is healthy when it promotes the welfare of the person.

3. The future

The key to happiness is living at the present moment. To think and prepare for the future is good but too much of it makes life miserable. Nobody knows what will be going to happen. Let the future have its own worry.

The future is uncertain. We may have plans but plans depend on the present. The best way to prepare the future to live in the present.

The future are promises of tomorrow yet deem and unclear and while waiting for its brightness, live first the present. It’s the only way and no other way.

Don’t worry much about the future. Happiness can not be found anywhere only in the present.


Live life fully before its too late.

I pray for you.

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