Sin of Omission: Why endings are more important than beginnings?

index“It’s not the thing you do, dear. It is the thing you leave undone that gives a heartache at the setting of the sun.”

We know that every ending comes a new beginning but what if the end did not come, will you end it alone? What if the end did just disappear in front of you and you were left hanging with clouds of questions banging in your mind? Is it the end or just the beginning of the ending?

Leaving things undone is not the end of everything rather it is the chain of the past that will haunt you wherever you go. Once you are chained, there is no possibility of going somewhere but to stay and just go around the place within the boundaries of your chain. You will always find yourself going back. If you want a beginning, break the chain.

Every life on earth must go through the right process. A person who just broke up with his/her lover must go through the process of sadness and sorrow. We can’t be hiding pains inside us because the law of process demands that  we must face our heartaches and accept them. Crying is natural, it’s part of it. When we cry,we are following the process of the body. Crying is the body’s expression of great happiness and deep sorrow. Cry if you need so. There is no freedom from the past without breaking the chain and undergoing  through the process of life and of love.

Omissions are the things we should have done when we had the chance but we never did it.

In a relationship, closure is important. Closure is when both parties have really ended the relationship freely and consciously. What if it did not happen? And suddenly, in the middle of nowhere you’ll just waking up one day to find out that the relationship is gone. and worst you don’t know why and how? And you seek explanations.

I don’t want to be biased in my words, but I want to seek explanation to the question ‘Why people leave the one they loved without even saying goodbye?” by looking at the differences of men and women, on how they view relationship in their own perspective. Sometimes, we’re seeing the same thing but we’re looking at it differently. We have things in common but we have also differences.

Studying men and women’s view of relationships can make us understand the real standpoint of each party. On how they view the things that are happening to them.

Just like the two men imprisoned in the middle of the dessert. One sees the barren dessert full of catuses, dry and life less while the other one looks at the sky and gaze the magnificent beauty of the moon and the stars.

Men and Women’s perspectives on relationship will be discussed on the next issue.

“Why men are often the one leaving and never say goodbye?”

to be continued…

Why parting aches?

Parting-shot“It is sad to say goodbye to friend because not everybody has a friend.”-The little Prince.

Not all is given the privilege to have a friend and to finally say goodbye is probably one of the hardest things to do. Parting is always painful for it gives ache to the heart for it knows that it might be the last meeting of the soul and the possibility and chance of meeting again is odd and deem.

People have their own reasons for saying goodbye. But there are more reasons to meet again after all friendship never ends. Sometimes, we find ourselves leaving someone behind and other times it is us being left behind. We can either be in one situation or worst can be both. But saying goodbye is not that painful when we know the reason why people leave. We may loose the spirit of being together but not the heart that longs to go back and be acquainted to the memories of the past.

We meet many people everyday but before them we only have few friends who we include in the circles of our life and become part of our being. Not everybody has a friend so you found treasure if you have one. People may be close to you or treat you in good spirit but that doesn’t mean they are your friend. There are people who are just good at being good.

Each of us have our own goodbyes in life to fulfill our dreams, to pursue our purpose and live our life.

Goodbyes can be healthy because it is ultimate test friendship, who remembers and who forgets, Who stays in touch and who never looks back. A friend is always be a friend. And if you really want to know your friends, say goodbye and those who come back, treasure them for the rest of your life.

Good looking students receive higher grades, proven to be true

teenstakingtest6There is a reason now why good looking students should go school everyday.

Based on research conducted from different schools in America and Australia, good looking students receives higher grades than those who are not. Researchers found out that teachers are more considerate to students who are beautiful and handsome in their class. Added to that, they give them higher points in their works and essays. Good looks can be a factor to a higher grade and can be a source of unconscious bias from teachers.

If you’re a good looking student then you automatically have an edge over your other classmates.  In this sense, It pays to be beautiful and handsome.

Not only that, good looking students receive lighter punishment from teachers and discipline officers  when caught violating the rules while the opposite receives heavier. This an unconscious discrimination of image but true. Good looking one’s receives the most consideration from authority.

But grades will always be depending on the efforts and determinations of the students.

Learning is a lifelong process but beauty fades, don’t depend on it.