Good looking students receive higher grades, proven to be true

teenstakingtest6There is a reason now why good looking students should go school everyday.

Based on research conducted from different schools in America and Australia, good looking students receives higher grades than those who are not. Researchers found out that teachers are more considerate to students who are beautiful and handsome in their class. Added to that, they give them higher points in their works and essays. Good looks can be a factor to a higher grade and can be a source of unconscious bias from teachers.

If you’re a good looking student then you automatically have an edge over your other classmates.  In this sense, It pays to be beautiful and handsome.

Not only that, good looking students receive lighter punishment from teachers and discipline officers  when caught violating the rules while the opposite receives heavier. This an unconscious discrimination of image but true. Good looking one’s receives the most consideration from authority.

But grades will always be depending on the efforts and determinations of the students.

Learning is a lifelong process but beauty fades, don’t depend on it.

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