Epic Fail: Everybody’s Done? or Everybody stand!

indexI didn’t know if I had enunciated the words so complicatedly that the students misheard the message I was trying to ask.

I was one of the proctors during the National Achievement Test (NAT) of the Year IV students at Holy Trinity Academy and I can say that I had already perfected most of the procedures of the examinations. I used to be a proctor every year from NCAE to NAT.

Everything was accomplished according to the SOP of the exam. The exam started on time and was ended on time. There were no problems encountered all through out. It was such a flow that was already perfect.

But the epic came at the end, When I was about to collect and let them rechecked the all the information in their answer sheets, I asked them this, ” Everybody’s done?” and suddenly, all the students stood up. I was shocked, in my mind, I was saying, “Why are you standing?” Is Everybody’s done and everybody stand sounds the same? So I thought I needed to save my face.

I just went on… I continued my words saying, “Before you pass your answer sheets and your test booklets, let us pray first. Will somebody lead a prayer?” HOLA!!!!! It saved the day. I was really laughing inside during those times.


1. Say words clearly because students respond automatically.

2. Think fast. Save your face in moments like this. Lol

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