Why Men are Often the One Leaving and Never Say Goodbye?-PART ONE

Man-walking-away-2This question, I know, is such a big puzzle for women, why their men are leaving without any saying goodbye nor give any signals that they are not staying anymore. Some of them just disappear in the big screen of love. What is happening to them?

The answer won’t be easy to explain but an attempt to further study man’s way of relationship would be of great help. Both Man and Woman have needs and wants in life and both view relationship differently.

Since Men are quite complicated to explain. Let’s take a look some of the aspects why men often leave and often time want to be alone.

This is universal to  men, “Man’s greatest need is to give love.” It is giving that makes them stay.

Naturally, men are defined by who they are and what they can do. Man’s ego of identifying themselves is their main priority in life. They like power and success and they want to be known for it. If men don’t have all of the things that can make him a man, then he feels in himself that he cannot stay and sustain a relationship. Finding who he is, is very vital for establishing a relationship. They need first to define who they are. How  can they give themselves if they do not know who they are?

Men are inborn hunter and provider. Men have this system of being a provider. If they think they can’t provide yet the wants and needs of their woman, they leave. Man like to be known of what they make. They must provide and they should. That is their instinct. Sometimes, Men unconsciously do it. Fulfilling the role as provider esteemed a man. when they feel that they can’t provide, they stay away. It’s not about running responsibility. It’s just a man’s system to move away when such situation occur.

There is an inner urge for everyman to know themselves and search for it. A constant search that sometimes women do not understand.

When a man can not sustain a relationship maybe it’s because he is still in search of himself, his identity of who he is and in search of this something that he can be proud of to his woman. This searching is sometimes misinterpreted by women as leaving and in no time when men come back presenting themselves women start to question why?

Why you never say goodbye?

Why didn’t you tell me?

Why is the explanation just now?

Why did you leave me and now you’re coming back explaining things?

Why answers are only now?

Why didn’t you keep your promise?

What’s the leaving and the coming? Why explain now when he should have done it long before?

The long list of questions is unended. and perhaps man may not be able answer all of it. They are not good in explaining feelings. Man are naturally not good in explaining feelings. So you can’t expect them to answer all your questions.

But Man’s greatest need is the reason why they leave, if not met, they feel unloved. So they go.

Women should know what is their man’s greatest need so that they can respond and make their men stay and never leave. Men leave because of this reason.


“Man need to be needed, respected and trusted.” But How? How do a man need to be needed, respected and trusted. In what way a women can do it? These are man’s greatest needs. Women should give it in a man’s way not in a women’s way. The manner of giving is very important. Give it the way man want it.

The way women want to be trusted is not the same way man want to be trusted. Both want “trust” in a different way and manner. When man want trust they mean…………….

More explanations on Man’s greatest need in PART TWO.

“Why man walked away the minute they open their heart?”

to be continued…

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