Patience: A Dying Virtue

patience-quotes-21“So I live my life in a dream world for the rest of my days; Just you and me walkin’ hand in hand in a wishful memory. Oh, I guess that’s all that it would ever be.”

“I wish I had a time machine. I could make myself go back until the day I was born; And I would live my life again, and rearrange it so that I’ll be yours from now on.”

In love, patience is still a a great virtue because it’s sad to belong to someone else when the right one comes along.

We all wish to be happy when we talk about love. We want a life that is full of love, a love that will lasts forever. But we sabotage our own fairytale story when we don’t know enough how to wait for the right person meant for us.

Waiting doesn’t mean staying in one place and then really wait for the person to come in your life. It’s about choosing the person based on your standards of love. Based on the qualities that you want. Nobody is perfect but there is still something in a person that is admirable and lovable. Love that something in someone together with it’s and his/her defects, because nobody will ever be perfect.

As for me, all I can do for now to wish every thing I wanted to happen. Hopeless is for me and I know it. My precious advise is for you to wait. love is never a rush project or requirement. It’s like a diamond, you need to wait until it becomes what it meant to be, a precious stone.

It pays to wait.

To The Beautiful You

pozzo1“What makes a desert beautiful?”, the little prince asked

“because it hides something, It hides a well.” I answered.

“What makes one beautiful is something that it hides and invisible to the eyes.” he replied.

Beauty is such a vague word. People have their own definition of the word yet the meaning stayed uncaptured. The meaning stays hidden and will remain hidden to make us wonder and appreciate the truth that beauty is forever and doesn’t fade.

What makes you beautiful is what you hide inside and often times people do not see what is it in front of them until it’s too late for them to gaze the beauty they should have seen before it’s gone.

Beauty is never in the eye of the beholder. It is what everybody possesses. One who can’t see what’s beautiful is blind. Everyone possesses this innate goodness. It is this something that we hide and often not noticed that makes us beautiful. It’s only love that sees this kind of beauty. Only the one who truly loves us sees the beauty in us. Love is never blind. It is the one that enables us to see.

Learn that people do not really appreciate what is in their hands until it slipped away. What is more important is the time of the present not the past nor the future. These two are the culprits of reality. They take away the gift of the present.

Before everything is gone, I want to say you are beautiful in my eyes and in my heart. You revealed to me the beauty of trusting people, from a strangers to becoming friends. Sharing life’s stories which is most sacred and treasured possession a man can have. Trust is more then keeping secrets but sharing a masterpiece of you.

In life and in reality, people do not really see what is essential in life, even the most educated and religious man in the world living often times fail. Life is like that. You can’t expect every people to see you in your most beautiful state. Just be beautiful inside and out and the rest leave them to the person who really can love you and see beautifully.
It’s not easy and but it can be, try us.

What ever it is that you are in now or wherever you are and will be. Never give up in believing that you carry in you something that is beautiful that often grown ups never knew and understood. That’s why Christ taught us to be Child-like because only a pure can see what is pure. What cuts a diamond is a diamond.

Be beautiful in the midst of an ugly world, in the midst of ugly people, and in the midst of ugly situations of life.