An open letter to Aeriel Delos Angeles!

“High School is just the first step of the ladder.”

When I was in high school, All I wanted then was to give the valedictory address to the crowd. I desperately wanted that spot but then I failed. I was only one of the honorable mentions and the valedictory address was given by my cousin. I didn’t tell to anyone that I wanted to give the address because I knew I will only be bullied and be compared to my cousin who was more advanced in knowledge during that time. I knew that I can’t beat her but I have tried my best to get the spot for me to be able to give the address.

One of my hurts when I was in high school was being compared to others. My insecurity that people around me were more knowledgeable than me pushed me to strive harder and study well during my college. But fire of giving speech still one of my goals during those times. It’s not that I wanted to be on the top, although I had that feeling because I was being compared then that time with my cousins, there’s this feeling also to overcome them, to be higher than them so that I won’t be compared and belittled. I was then very insecure.

But High School was just the first step of the ladder. I went to college and graduated cum Claude and gave the valedictory address in  behalf of my batch. and now I can proudly go back to where I came from because I know I have now a pride.

I know it’s never easy to accept something that disappoints you but look at the future it brights so white that there are still so much to conquer. Dreams are not in the past. They exist in the future, so you must anticipate them because they are full of promises. Don’t compare yourselves with the success of others. You don’t know what they might be in the future. Be thankful with what you have because it is their that God tests us whether we are worthy of more or less in life. It’s not that I didn’t accept the award I had when I was in High School but I was thankful because It was one of the reasons why I studied here in manila. God must have planned it. Never Stopping believing in coincidences. They do happen.

I am so proud that you have been so strong despite the miseries of life. You have gone far  and I believe you will be going farther than what others expect. I’m more interested in seeing you in the future. I want to see you fulfilling your dreams and living your own life. I want to see you with a name to be proud of. I want to see you doing things that you love. I want to see you successful. I’m not putting expectations in you because who am I to do that so. I just want to express my happiness of being  one with you in your dreams and in your journey. I’ve always wanted to see people who are close to me succeeding in life.

College life is much bigger than high school. A lot of changes will happen. Friends will be new and companions in studies will also be strangers to friends. You will meet a lot of them, friends and strangers, the known and the unknown. Maturity takes place but not yet the real test of education. There are so much to learn in college but these are only few compare to what you will be learning when you have your own life. Don’t just graduate with a degree. Graduate with an education because that is the most important.

I know you have been a lot. But I hope you will not forget that there are still people who believe in you, In all that is in you. Don’t be afraid. It’s ahkie to be disappointed, I also do it sometimes but that doesn’t low my esteem and trust in myself.

The future is reserved for you, prove them what can you get. It’s not about now because now will eventually fade, It’s about the future because it is for you to fulfill.

People are looking up to you because they believe in you and I do. I believe I have never failed to keep in touch through my letters and gifts because I wanted to see fighting a good fight, running a long race and keeping a strong faith.

God Bless and Congratulations! I am always one with you in your sorrow and happiness. Smile.

I hope to see you in all your dreams fulfilled. I am one of the people who are proud of you. HONESTLY.

With Love, Sir Aguite.

(Naiiyak ako habang ginagawa ko ito para sa iyo. kasi nakita kitang lumaban at tumayo para sa tama at sa dapat gawin sa buhay. You inspired me, aeriel)

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