“The 12 Kinds of Love every Woman and Man Should Know”

“Try to imagine how you would feel if you saw the world through her/his eyes.”

All of us are bound to understand the person we love or we the person we are in a relationship with. A man and a woman have both primary needs. They define love into twelve needs and they are called the primary because through them another need is being fulfilled. So these primary needs are to be met first.

1. Women need “caring” while men need “trust.”

A woman feels most loved when she feels that  she is being cared of.   A man needs to know the “how the way to care” a woman. For instance, when a woman tries to open up a problem, the most caring gesture a man can do is to listen well, without giving any advice trying to fix her problem, just listen because that’s how a woman feel that she is being cared. She just want to be listened. And when she is listened she feels she is cared. Comfort her though hugs or a confirmation that you will always be there for her.

If a woman’s primary need is caring, man is trusting. When a man has a problem, Trust is what he needs. Usually, a man never opens up a problem unless to some crucial ones. Don’t give unsolicited advice to a man unless ask. Man don’t need advice because they themselves know what to do. And never ever force a man to speak up about his problem because for him that is one way of not trusting him. Trust your man that he can solve his problem. To don’t worry about him is the best form of trust you can give to your man. To don’t try to improve him or the situation because that will certainly hurt his ego. Trust him and you will get the result you want.

to be continued…

What Can We Learn from a Starfish? -A Unique Way of Self-Healing

starfish-wallpapers-7What can a broken heart and a broken life can learn from a starfish?

There is a wisdom how a starfish heals itself and it is a wisdom that man can learn and can apply to life. A starfish on the shore is always a broken one. The sea is the safest place for it as well as the perfect place for healing.

One way a wounded starfish heals itself is to go back to the sea. It’s only way for it. That’s life for a starfish. Going back is a necessity of life. If you find yourself broken learn from a starfish.

A unique way of healing yourself is to go back to where you came from. Then you will only understand where are you now. Wounds can only be understood if you try to look at the past. It is the key of the present and of the future.

Like a starfish, setting to a place you don’t belong may cause your death. It is always very important to always have a glimpse of the past so that we may be reminded of where we are now. To forget the past is tragedy because the past were lessons with a purpose.

Run back because that is the best way to heal yourself. It the best way to cure the wounds of the present. If you’re loosing the road maybe you are tracking a wrong one. It’s never easy to correct a mistake but that is the mark of wisdom combined with courage. Doing the things you are afraid to do to make things right again.

But the like the starfish, it can never do it alone without a help coming from a wave or from a man. It is either by choice or by force. Force yourself to do what is right, use the gift of freewill because that is what is meant to be.

Healing takes time and it begins the day you decide it to. Time heals everything.