A Moment of Self-Pity: The Fear of being Unloved

lonely1“Self-pity” sometimes defined as worthless emotion. It doesn’t do anything good to you but to let you down and push you to the brink of sadness and frustration.

Perhaps, all living creations have experienced once or many times in their lives this feeling of self-pity. I believe only the dead are the one free from it. We all pity ourselves some time in our lives and most of those times we don’t even know the reasons why we feel such way. We suddenly feel that we feel it and that it is their already.

We do self-pity when we feel we are alone. The feeling of loneliness sometimes pushes us to focus only on ourselves. That nobody cares to be with us. We think it that way to the point that we even reject people who truly cares for us. In those moments, emotions may totally dominate our lives which is dangerous if we fall on thinking that we are alone. We feel we are alone because we think we are alone but the truth is, we are withdrawing ourselves from the much greater opportunity to be loved. When we feel we are alone, it is our body telling us that we need love. And these love are available if only have time to look around us.

The feeling of being unloved is at the center of self-pity. It is not that we lack love but it is only that we think we are not loved. This is probably one of the biggest mistakes that we can do. To think that we are not loved. If we think it that way as if we are not believing anymore to the very reason why we are created. It is natural for us to look  for love because that is what we are made of.

Don’t fall to self-pity. There is always that someone who secretly and silently waiting for the right time to show the love he/she has for you. Don’t give in to self-pity. It is the easiest way the devil can put us down. It is always that something within us that destroy us. But It is also that something within us that can cast out fear of being unloved.

It is that fear that destroys us and only love is so powerful enough to cast out fear. He who has loved has no fear and he who fear has not loved.

We all deserve the best in life. We don’t need self-pity. It is devil’s weapon. Don’t use it.

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