Reading: A Journey to the World

reading“The more I read, the more I became convinced that I was not a loser condemned to a life of unhappiness because of conditions beyond my control.”

“My destiny was in my hands, and mine alone, and soon I would be on my own with the power to change my life for the better.”

I never want reading before and I never read books but time has changed. The more I read, the more I understand realities. The more I understand the people around me. I never want to brag everything that I know. I am eager to explore the world through reading because I really want to understand the things that weren’t to me.

If only people take time to read they would have a better understanding of the realities of life. I recommend you to get some book and read. Any reading material would and you will be amazed by how little the knowledge you have.

We are not meant to know and understand everything but at least we know that we are responsible in contributing goodness to the world.

There are so much to understand and our ignorance can be lessened through reading.

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