When something is wrong, This One Thing You Should Avoid

birds-of-a-feather-flock-together” Birds of the same feather flock together.”

Sounds true but this adage sometimes has a negative meaning to people but I want to use it now to explain something that we should avoid when we are in times of loneliness.

When you’re lonely or you feel within you that something is wrong this one thing you should avoid, don’t be with people whom you know you share the same condition. Although you can establish a sympathy and let you be able to understand their situation, this does not guarantee that they can help you nor you can help them. This situation of making connection with them will only make the situation worse.

You can open and share your sorrows but don’t flock yourself to be with them and don’t attempt to fix them nor help them as well. When time will come that you find yourself being with them because of the reason that you connect with their sorrows, it will also be the time that you will realize that you are going nowhere. What you need is not them but someone who is  not like them. A blind cannot lead a blind although it knows its sorrows.

Avoid being with people who are with the same condition like you. If they fall you also fall and you won’t be rising and helping each other because all of you are in need of help. If you find yourself lonely or you feel that something within is wrong, ask a help to someone who could really help you and capable enough to lift you up. You can only find yourself helping others if you are ready to give help.

Birds of the same feather flock together. When you know there is something wrong, don’t be that bird.

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