Kim Miciano Has A Special Place

Just this afternoon, I was with my previous advisory class, the grade 7-Faith. I was glad that most of them attended the invitation. It’s nice to see some of my students again. It made my heart smile.

I was really happy and I want to say thank you for inviting me. You really were the batch who has a special place in my heart. Even though the years with you were really tough, those years were filled of memories, experiences, and lessons and shall forever remain.

But Kim Miciano has really a special spot, You made me laughed with your jokes (even though not so good to talk about) ehehehe. Let’s just keep everything a secret. Smile.

I like your theories really. They are unique and witty as well. I like the Titanic and ozone layer and the demise of the dinosaurs. They made me laughed until I cried. Thanks for the time being with you guys. Hope to be with you with more laughs and fun.

Thanks also for those who waited me in the school. Mga “Anak” salamat ng madami.

Happy birthday, Hainna.

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