Xerox is not Copy

My day won’t be complete without reading the newspaper. Just this morning, I went to the grade school library to read the Philippine Daily Inquirer (PDI) to update myself on current issues. I have read a lot and of course I won’t be finishing my newspaper moment without reading the Comics section especially the Kiko machine. I am a fun of that page.

But anyway, this Xerox notice on the newspaper caught my attention. Although I knew it already, I read it still.

Xerox is trademark name legally registered internationally. It means to say that It should NOT be used without getting any permission from the trademark owner since it is legally owned and registered internationally. Any one who uses the name may be liable to the law. It has its own copyright and is protected by the law. Any Imitation of it is a violation of its identity.

Below is the official Logo of the company.

xerox 14 logo

And another thing, Xerox doesn’t mean copy. We don’t use xerox to substitute the word Copy. We don’t have the right to use the word xerox unless we are permitted to do so. It’s wrong to say xerox when you mean photocopy.

In our country, Xerox is widely used to mean photocopy even though they are using a different brand of machine. If they are all to be notified of this information, I bet they will stop using it already.


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