Coke Please!

Pepsi-vs-Coca-ColaI don’t know but I am running out of Passion to do my work. I feel I am tired already thinking all of the bulks of work to do. I don’t know if this is too much or I am just too weak  to do all of these things for now. Life please be kind to me. No time for myself is one of the reasons I lost everything even her.

Well, Life don’t expect too much from I am far beyond good. I am not what you think. So please lessen the burden upon my shoulder. Don’t trust me too much. I also give up sometimes. Yes, I do. Really, I do.

I want coke. I want to be energized. Anyway, Why coke?

I read from one of the articles in Time Magazine that Coke is as effective like the energy drink Red Bull. They contain the same amount of caffeine and coke is the first energy drink ever before Red bull has been introduced in the market. And as of now, things had been modified for coke and Red bull, coke has even a higher caffeine than red bull.

Coke please!

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