Information System Should Have Talked to Me First

There is one thing the IS did not do and that is to talk to me first. The IS should have talked to me first. Anyway, just to give my readers a background about this IS that I’m talking, IS means Information technology, it is in this system that we encode grades so that we may not do it manually It will automatically appear in the cards and the ready for printing and releasing. We don’t have to write anymore. Everything is computerized. We call the system NSNUIS.

Just this morning, when I’m about to finish almost everything and ready to receive my cards for my permanent records, I was shocked with the announcement made by the coordinators. Before that, let me discuss what went before.

In K to 12, grades are to appear in Letters not in numbers. Everybody knows it anyway. When we released cards what appear in the card is letters, numbers are not revealed. Here’s the problem now, when we compute the the final grade the IS won’t print the cards in numbers but only in letters. We trusted from the very beginning that the IS can print a card containing numbers so that It won’t be hassle for us to compute the final grade. and here is the thing now.

To continue the announcement. Cards were printed already but in letters, my goodness, we are going to write all the grades in numbers from first to fourth quarter with yearly average and general average. Wait a minute! That’s not an easy thing to do. Why people do not have the ability to foresee any possibilities of the future and where are they now. Will any IT out there will solve the problem? The level of stress is high right now.

More, people are so uncooperative then, why can’t they just finish their grades on time so that others may continue doing their’s. I hate to say it but it’s unfair for those who are hitting the deadlines. There are so much things to do. The work of the faithful ones are being delayed because of them.

I can’t blame the IS for giving us this so much high stress level but I want to put the blame to those people who told us and assured us the credibility and reliability of the IS. There is a problem to be solved here and we can’t find them anymore. The IS should have never been used.


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