Facebook Makes You Stupid

Facebook-useless-status-updatesI have decided to delete my second facebook account for a reason that I feel it makes me dumb. I’m not saying that this is the effect of the facebook to every user but what I am stating is that making me dumb is the effect of facebook to me. I just don’t like the way people make facebook an echo of their sorrows and joys of life. And even sometime they believe almost all that is being posted in the facebook. Ridiculous! Facebook is full of gossips and dramas of selfish people. Well, many would say that it depends on how you use and see facebook.

I also use facebook before. A lot of the time and almost everyday, I do what other people do in their facebook accounts. But later in my life, I think there was something wrong that facebook is doing to me. It clouds my thinking. I’m beginning to think the way other people think. Well, I don’t like it. People of these generation are hazy to judge and to label others. They don’t even think deeply. They just say whatever they want besides it’s free country even though what they are saying are just pure nonsense. It doesn’t even contain a meaning.

I would like to think deeply. Something that really has a sense. I talk because I know I have something to say. When you log in into your facebook account you would only see selfish people who have nothing to say but to broadcast all the things that will build their image. They post this and that and everything  that they think will build up their image of security. People don’t know it  but that’s what happening to them. They just don’t aware of it.

I don’t want to happen that to me. I want real stuff in my life. i don’t want to communicate using facebook anymore. For me, facebook is useless.

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